Founded in 2020

We believe that people want and deserve flexibility in how they work.

So we decided to do something about it.
our story

8+ years spent in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Since 2012, our team has partnered with hundreds of Salesforce Customers, Consulting Partners, and ISVs to hire & retain world class teams.

Throughout this time, our CEO (
Max Maeder, Founder of TwentyPine) established a network of relationships at the center of the Salesforce talent landscape, while also identifying the dire need to build a more modern, intuitive recruitment offering.

Found exists to provide a more transparent, cost-effective solution for our customers to self sufficiently recruit throughout the Salesforce ecosystem and for Freelancers to identify the opportunities to help them grow.
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Our Values

Be dedicated.

Work hard at what you do but stay focused on happiness.

Check the ego.

Humility is an asset that enables greatness.

Feedback is the mother of trust.

Be Honest. Be Respectful.

Live for the Customer.

Do your homework, ask questions, never settle.

Why Salesforce?

We believe the Salesforce ecosystem has established a new standard for what it means to be a business community. Never before have we seen such strong commitment to fostering collaboration, learning, and personal development amongst a group of peers.

Be it through MVPs, Trailhead, or numerous Communities, the Salesforce ecosystem stands for more than just productivity. We are fueled by the desire to positively build on the ecosystem and economy that Salesforce has created and act as a simple, transparent source to more easily connect with others in the space.

Why foundhq?

A new kind of planning.

Salesforce Freelancer Profile for a Salesforce Solution Architect

Right People.
Right Time.

Beyond the direct access we provide to a rapidly growing network of Employers & Freelancers, we are striving to enable more effective planning on both sides of the market.

While we detail Projects & Freelancers available today, we offer visibility into what’s coming 1-2 Quarters into the future, enabling Freelancers to spend less time thinking about where the next project will be and providing a reliable pipeline of talent for Employers to effectively project plan.

Above all else, our mission is to establish a new standard in resource quality across the Salesforce Consulting market – the ecosystem is as fragmented as ever, requiring increasingly specialized skills, and we are charting a course with incremental growth and longevity in mind.

Featuring a Community of Salesforce Freelancers from:

Michelin Salesforce Customer
Nike Salesforce Customer
Charles Schwab Salesforce Customer
Dropbox Salesforce Customer
Snap Salesforce Customer
Deloitte Salesforce Partner
State Farm Salesforce Customer
LinkedIn Salesforce Customer
ATT Salesforce Customer
Bluewolf Salesforce Partner
Greenhouse Salesforce Customer
PwC Salesforce Partner
Toyota Salesforce Customer
Wells Fargo Salesforce Customer
ESPN Salesforce Customer
New York Life Salesforce Customer
Twitter Salesforce Customer
American Red Cross Salesforce Customer
Athenahealth Salesforce Customer
Salesforce Customer

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