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“Our ultimate goal is to provide a better way to work and get work done. We believe our Salesforce Freelancers Marketplace helps democratize access to opportunities and delivers greater transparency and flexibility to customers."

Max Maeder
Founder & CEO

Built by a small but mighty crew.

FoundHQ was launched in 2020 by Max Maeder, previous Founder & CEO of TwentyPine.

Our team has spent the better part of the last decade helping to scale world-class Salesforce teams. From startups like Dropbox, Stripe, and DoorDash to global enterprises like Michelin, Disney, and Home Depot.

During that time, we've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly.
The Salesforce hiring landscape is crowded with old-school recruiting agencies and expensive Consulting Firms but we believe there's a better way to get things done.

FoundHQ is a modern Salesforce Resource Provider with a highly curated community of 3,000+ Independent Salesforce Consultants available for projects. These aren't random Consultants filed away in a database either - we have built these relationships one at a time by identifying the absolute best Salesforce Consultants available in the market. Our competitors will say you should use them because they have a network 50x the size - be skeptical.

We are opinionated
Companies partner with FoundHQ because we bring a strong perspective. Based on data from hundreds of organizations building Salesforce teams, we understand what works and what doesn't. We share insight, provide recommendations, discuss options, and leave the decision to you.

We are beautifully simple
Our approach is clear, concise and easy. No need to add unnecessary layers when we’re confident in our ability to provide value. Everything we do, and  stand for makes it beautifully simple to work with us.

We provide quality first
Everything comes back to the craft. We have an undying respect for individuals that prioritize quality and take pride in what they do. This belief is central to every relationship we build.

We prioritize genuine experiences
Every interaction with FoundHQ is intentional. Our philosophy relies on We care about the betterment of our network and customers and act accordingly. Taking everyone’s interests and goals into account is the only way to deliver self-sufficiency and unlocking each stake holder’s highest potential.


FoundHQ launches with an initial network of 100 Salesforce Developers and Architects


Our network grows to 1,500 with a total of $1m paid out to the community of Consultants


Network expands to 3,000+ Consultants across 20+ countries with $2.5m+ in payouts