SaaS, Hardware
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In Q2'23, Toast revenue expanded 45% YOY to $978m across a diverse set of products.

  • SaaS (12.5% of total): Pay to access their suite of products for restaurant operations
  • Financial Services (82.5% of total): Restaurants pay fees for Toast to manage transactions
  • Hardware (4% of total): Sale of tablets and POS devices
  • Professional Services (1% of total): Installation and configuration of hardware devices

And this is a business powered by Salesforce with a massive product footprint and team supporting it:

  • CIO's Org owns Salesforce
  • 9 on Salesforce Leadership
  • 7 Salesforce Architects
  • 6 Product Owners
  • 14 Salesforce Administrators
  • 21 Salesforce Engineers & QAs

A Model for the Right Salesforce Leadership Structure

Implementing the right team to set a Salesforce strategy, build it, and support it starts at the top. A Leadership structure worth studying.

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Salesforce DevOps at Toast

Nobody understands how to properly streamline Salesforce DevOps like Toast. It's about people, process, and technology (in that order).

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Tech Stack
Salesforce Products
Sales Cloud
Service Cloud
CPQ Cloud
Experience Cloud
Field Service
3rd Party Tools
Revenue Operations
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Company Details
Total headcount

5,085 employees

Sales Headcount

1,200+ Reps

Support headcount

375 Reps