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How Leaflink rescued a CPQ go-live

Looking for help with a Salesforce CPQ rescue project that had been turned over to them from a Consulting Firm.

LeafLink had to rescue a failed CPQ go-live

We introduced them to Thom(Pi in 12 hours

They worked together for 3 months, nearly full-time

It's never been easier to get Salesforce work done

How Deel resourced their team through Staff Augmentation

As Deel exploded from $4m ARR to $50m ARR in 2021, they needed to outsource all-things-Salesforce.

Deel wanted to hand Salesforce over to a top team

We set up intro calls with 3 boutique Firms(P

We helped Deel navigate SOWs and rate negotiation

They hired a team of 3 Salesforce Consultants for 9 months

How Auditboard tackled their Salesforce backlog

First, they needed a Salesforce Admin. Then, a Marketo Administrator. Then, a CPQ Architect. Finally, a 2nd Admin.

Auditboard started with an urgent Salesforce backlog

We introduced them to Brian(Pi in 48 hours

They've been working together for 12 months !

Along the way, they needed Marketo, CPQ, and SFDC help

And FoundHQ has been there every step of the way

Our Network

A Salesforce talent network like no other.

Featuring 3,000+ of the best Salesforce Consultants globally. Pre-vetted and ready to work.

Salesforce Administrators

A vital bridge between business stakeholders and technical solutions, they build, configure, and enhance the full suite of Salesforce solutions.

Contractors From
Salesforce Consultants from WorkdaySalesforce Consultants from Deel

Salesforce Developers

Deploy complex enhancements, custom applications, and powerful integrations with these experts in Apex and Lightning Web Components.

Contractors From
Salesforce Consultants from SlalomSalesforce Consultants from PayPal

Marketing Cloud Specialists

Expertise in all-things B2B and B2C Marketing Cloud, spanning technical setup, API development, data integration, and campaign optimization.

Contractors From
Salesforce Consultants from Deloitte

CRM Product Owners

A hybrid Administrator and Architect skill set to devise the long-term product roadmap, manage day-to-day build, and advise stakeholders.

Contractors From
Salesforce Consultants from Amazon

Salesforce Architects

A true Technical Advisor to design scalable, enterprise grade solutions that follow security, platform and integration architecture best practices.

Contractors From
Salesforce Consultants from SonosSalesforce Consultants from Activision

Not a Consulting Firm. Not a Recruiter. FoundHQ.

Resourcing Strategy

Whether you're hiring Salesforce Admin #1 or building a Center of Excellence from the ground up, we help define the hiring plans.

Talent Network

We provide direct access to a network of 2,500+ global Salesforce Contractors from world-class companies.

Flexible Pricing

Our model is designed to maximize flexibility. Projects are all pay-per-hour, only invoiced after work is delivered each month.

No Commitment

Service contracts have no minimum hourly commitment or duration, so you can cancel or change any time.


Following kickoff with our team, we provide hand-selected Contractor recommendations within 48 hours.

Full Service

We handle any project - from CPQ Architects rescuing a failed implementation to building an entire Salesforce Development team.

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