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AuditBoard is the leading cloud-based platform transforming audit, risk, and compliance management. More than 40% of the Fortune 500 leverage AuditBoard, who has a total of 1,800+ customers globally, including Dunkin' Donuts, Columbia, and Priceline.

Similar to many high-growth SaaS companies out there, AuditBoard's needs were continuously changing throughout the 1.5 years they've partnered with FoundHQ. It's also why AuditBoard has remained a happy customer since the beginning. The flexibility of FoundHQ's resource model has allowed AuditBoard to engage with different Contractors, at different times, for different projects.

Managed Services: Salesforce Admin Support

Beginning in December 2021, AuditBoard had just hired a Director of Revenue Systems along with 1 existing Salesforce Admin. They simply didn't have the bandwidth needed to support GTM Systems initiatives. They connected with FoundHQ and added a fractional Admin in less than one week for supplemental support. Working at a truly fractional capacity (averaging less than 10 hours a week), he worked to support the in-house team in a highly tactical, hands-on Administrator role.

A year and a half later, Brian is still supporting them even with growth of AuditBoard's in-house team, which currently sits at 6 people.

Ad Hoc: CPQ Admin + CPQ Architect

In May 2022, during the second phase of their CPQ implementation, AuditBoard tapped into the FoundHQ network once again to add two Salesforce CPQ Specialists. As the expertise of CPQ in-house was minimal, we matched them with two different CPQ Specialists:

  • One CPQ Architect: a though partner guiding strategy, roadmap planning, and Advisory work
  • One CPQ Admin: to spearhead hands-on configuration, data clean up, and support

The project lasted a total of 8 weeks and our Contractors were able to lead the way through the challenges of the Phase 2 CPQ implementation, setting up the AuditBoard team to carry on with the project from there.

Urgent Project: Salesforce Admin (Nearshore)

A couple of months later (December 2022), AuditBoard was going through a significant data migration project and realized they needed another Salesforce Admin/Sales Operations Analyst who could come in and help with large scale data migration and clean up work.

This was an urgent need on a tight budget, so FoundHQ tapped into our Nearshore Salesforce Network, pairing them with a Salesforce Admin based in Brazil for this 5-6 week project.

Marketing Support: Marketo Admin

In March 2023, the Director of Marketing Operations urgently needed to offload much of the day-to-day Marketo work, so he could focus on the larger strategy.

Within 3 days, FoundHQ paired them with a Marketo Admin, who was coming off project with another FoundHQCustomer.
She started 2 days later and currently handles all campaign building, configuration, and reporting & analytics on a part-time (20 hours per week) basis.

Rev Ops Support: Tableau Specialists

One month after setting them up with their Marketo Administrator; the RevOps team came back with another niche request: Tableau.

The needs were two-fold, which FoundHQ helped to diagnose before introducing them to 2 Contractors:

  • One Tableau Developer handling complex data extraction from Snowflake, heavy work in SQL
  • One Sales Ops Analyst/Tableau Administrator handling reporting and dashboards for various Rev Ops stakeholders

Deal Desk Staff Augmentation

Beginning in mid-Q3 2023, AuditBoard began entering their busy season and the 2-person Deal Desk team was already under water.

In collaboration with the Head of Global Deal Desk, FoundHQ onboarded 2 seasoned Deal Desk Analysts to work in a full-time, staff augmentation capacity for Q4'23 and Q1'24.

  • Sr. Deal Desk Analyst from Sprinklr
  • Sr. Deal Desk Analyst from New Relic
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