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Why RevOps Shouldn't Own Salesforce

Why RevOps Shouldn't Own Salesforce
Max Maeder
Why RevOps Shouldn't Own Salesforce

We're not convinced Revenue Operations should own Salesforce.

We understand that this is not a common (or popular) opinion amongst RevOps Leaders. And we get their perspective - if the GTM Systems needs go unmet, it's a huge blocker for Rev Ops.

But there are 3 primary issues with this:

1. It’s impossible to develop cohesive product strategy in a vacuum.

Centralizing Business Systems strategy allows you to:

👉 Account for the long-term scalable infrastructure needed
👉 Effectively separate planning, execution and day-to-day support
👉 Efficiently invest in headcount that functions as ‘shared services’

2️. Technology teams are designed to think in terms of scalability.

You need to devise a flexible roadmap.
And account for technical debt.
Planning 5 years in the future and addressing the needs of today.

This is a highly technical capability.

3️. When Internal Tools live within individual business units, those teams inevitably prioritize their needs.

It makes sense.
But it’s a siloed way to approach it.

Yes, Rev Ops intimately understands the GTM processes.

But that doesn’t mean they are best suited to own Technology strategy.

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