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The origin of Zillow was as a Media company. In the early days, revenue was primarily generated from selling advertising on its website, a search engine for Real Estate listings.

Today, Zillow is a true Real Estate marketplace facilitating end-to-end process of buying and selling of residential real estate properties.

It's these kinds of scenarios where Salesforce can serve as a foundational piece of infrastructure well beyond just functioning as a CRM. At Zillow, Salesforce powers a total of 15 Divisions, each with unique use cases, including:

  • Zillow Offers: the first point of contact with a Real Estate broker for individuals interested in selling their home to Zillow.
  • Zillow Agent: after initiating the sale of their home (to Zillow), there is a handoff to Zillow Agents, an outside broker that helps with the purchasing of their next home.
  • Zillow Closing Services & Zillow Home Loans: both services / financial products offered to ease in the home buying process as part of the interconnected experience.

Throughout this business transformation, the Salesforce Operations has matured immensely, from a team of ~10 in 2016 to an org of 50 today:

  • 5 Leaders
  • 1 Salesforce Architect
  • 10 Product Owners
  • 1 Salesforce Business Analyst
  • 25+ Salesforce Engineers
  • 12 Salesforce Administrators

The Importance of Zillow's Salesforce Product Manager Layer

A Salesforce Product Manager is one of the most commonly overlooked internal hires despite being a critical ingredient to any high-performing team. Zillow has 10.

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Evolution of Zillow's Salesforce Team Structure (2016-Present)

Since 2016, the Salesforce team at Zillow has grown 5x 🤯. Today, it's a 50-person Salesforce team powering a two-sided marketplace and Real Estate Brokerage.

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