The 10 Best Salesforce Marketing Cloud Partners in 2022.

There are so many Salesforce Partners out there but very few that offer real specialization. We highlight the 10 implementation partners for Marketing Cloud projects across Enterprise, Mid-Market, and SMB.

The hardest part about finding a reliable Salesforce Marketing Marketing Cloud (SFMC) Implementation Partner is that the biggest Partner doesn't necessarily mean the best Partner when it comes to Marketing Cloud.
In the Salesforce ecosystem, when selecting an Implementation Partner, you want to go with a specialist. This means finding a vendor that focuses on 1-2 Salesforce products and nothing else! These days, the biggest firms - Accenture, Deloitte, PwC, IBM - are generalists when it comes to the Salesforce platform.
They likely have some dedicated Marketing Cloud Consultants in the organization but overall, it's not a core focus or area of specialty.If you have a project that involves implementing a variety of different Salesforce products simultaneously - for example, you want to deploy Service Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and Marketing Cloud together - then these big Partners are the best option for you.

However, if you have a project that only involves implementing SFMC and integrating it to your existing tools, you might want to look for a smaller, more specialized implementer.Finding the right Salesforce Marketing Cloud Partner depends on a variety of factors. (This might not be what you wanted to hear, so we put together the Best Salesforce Marketing Cloud Partners in 2022 to help guide you!)

Marketing Cloud Partners for Enterprise

These are the largest Salesforce SFMC Partners for the North American market and should typically be reserved for projects in the $5m to $10m budget.
The way they operate is to deploy larger scale, cross-disciplinary Delivery teams comprised of multiple Consultants, Developers, Administrators, Architects, and Email Campaign Specialists.

An expected hourly bill rate for these Partners is in the $250/hour to $400/hour range and you will be encountering a Delivery team of 20+ individuals.

Slalom Consulting

While they are one of the largest Salesforce Implementation Partners, they do have an extremely well-established SFMC Practice. Unlike some of the bigger firms that only focus on 'multi-Cloud' projects, Slalom does maintain a focus on standalone SFMC engagements, which provides a unique specialization at their scale.
67 Certified Marketing Cloud Consultants
34 Certified Marketing Cloud Developers
202 Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialists

Dentsu (formerly DEG Digital)

In 2018, DEG Digital (an established Salesforce Implementation Partner that had acquired numerous mid-sized Partners along the way), was acquired by Dentsu, a Japanese advertising giant. Prior to that acquisition, DEG Digital was the largest standalone Salesforce Marketing Cloud Partner in the United States. This has remained a core competency while also being integrated into a broader Marketing and Advertising agency.

145 Certified Marketing Cloud Administrators
123 Certified Marketing Cloud Consultants
67 Certified Marketing Cloud Developers
412 Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialists

Deloitte Digital

This is the Digital arm of Deloitte, one of the largest Management Consulting companies in the world. While Deloitte does a little bit of everything inside and outside of technology, Deloitte Digital is solely focused on digital transformation strategy with an enormous focus on Salesforce. While they start to creep into 'generalist Partner' territory, the scale of their Marketing Cloud capabilities and number of Certified Consultants across the Practice make them a strong option for any Enterprise engagements.

338 Certified Marketing Cloud Administrators
303 Certified Marketing Cloud Consultants
151 Certified Marketing Cloud Developers
934 Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialists


A multinational, British communications and advertising agency, WPP is a relatively new entrant to the Salesforce ecosystem. Given their core focus on Marketing & Advertising strategy, a logical expansion for them was moving into technology consulting and digital transformation with these efforts focused strictly on Marketing tools.For this reason, they unique in the fact that they are a huge company overall with a relatively modest Salesforce Practice but the entirety of that Practice is focused on Marketing Cloud.

35  Certified Marketing Cloud Administrators
70 Certified Marketing Cloud Consultants
33 Certified Marketing Cloud Developers
271 Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialists

Pierry (now Wunderman Thompson)

In 2017, Pierry was acquired by Wunderman Thompson, which is another global Marketing Communications agency with 20,000+ employees that had no presence in the Salesforce ecosystem until acquiring their way into it.

At the time of acquisition, Pierry was a top 10 Global Salesforce Partner with one of the most established, strongest Marketing Cloud Practices. This was a brilliant integration of Marketing Cloud expertise into an existing behemoth in the Marketing landscape.

33 Certified Marketing Cloud Administrators
25 Certified Marketing Cloud Developers
60 Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialists

Marketing Cloud Partners for Mid-Market

These are the Partners best suited for mid-market projects with a budget anywhere in the $450,000 to $2m range.

A typical Delivery team may still consist of Consultants, Developers, Administrators, and Architects but it's likely that you are only working with 1-2 of each, so the Delivery team will often be under 10 people.

You will still encounter a hefty $175/hour to $250/hour bill rate.

Torrent Consulting

While they are one of the largest Salesforce Implementation Partners, they do have an extremely well-established SFMC Practice. Unlike some of the bigger firms that only focus on 'multi-Cloud' projects, Slalom does maintain a focus on standalone SFMC engagements, which provides a unique specialization at their scale.
67 Certified Marketing Cloud Consultants
34 Certified Marketing Cloud Developers
202 Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialists

Dentsu (formerly DEG Digital)

A mid-sized Consulting Partner founded in 2010, they have a modest Marketing Cloud Practice and tend to concentrate on a few industries that could make them uniquely qualified for specific projects, including High Tech, Professional Services, and Manufacturing.

OSF Digital

An early implementer specialized in Commerce Cloud, OSF Digital is backed by Salesforce Ventures and maintains a global Salesforce Practice across North America and parts of Eastern Europe, which can offer some nice cost benefits compared to other vendors in this category that are strictly onshore.

Given how often Commerce Cloud and Marketing Cloud exist in the same org, they quickly developed a core competency in SFMC and have continued to grow there.


Prior to the mid-2021 acquisition by VntCap Technologies, this was one of the leading mid-market Marketing Cloud Partners in North America.
While having a modest Practice of 50 Consultants, they were 100% dedicated to Marketing Cloud across all industries, making them one of the largest pure-play agencies focused on this Cloud with experience leading hundreds of projects.

Marketing Cloud Partners for SMB

The SMB market is interesting when it comes to Salesforce Consultants because there are vendors that service this segment of the market.

However, since most of the projects are smaller scale, the Partner you select is likely only staffing 1-2 Consultants to your project but they are doing so at a significantly higher hourly rate than if you looked at Independent Salesforce Contractors.

For this reason alone, if you are looking to implement a small Marketing Cloud instance, deploy new modules (email studio, interaction studio, social studio etc.), or find help with building and deploying email campaigns with an existing instance, you should absolutely look for a Salesforce Freelancer.


The largest Freelancers Marketplace focused 100% on the Salesforce technology ecosystem. FoundHQ provides direct access to a pre-qualified network of 1,000+ Independent Salesforce Consultants including:
150+ Certified Marketing Cloud Administrators
100+ Certified Marketing Cloud Consultants
125+ Certified Marketing Cloud Developers

Since these are Freelances (as opposed to companies), the Marketing Cloud Consultant hourly rate is often $100/hour to $145/hour for the same experience that a Partner charges double.

When it comes to identifying Independent Salesforce Consultants, the options are limited.
You can leverage a services-based Recruitment Agency in the space but this will involve cumbersome interactions with less experienced Technical Recruiters.
While there are alternatives for Freelancer Marketplaces (Upwork, Toptal), these are generalist marketplaces. A quick scan through Salesforce Developer profiles on these platforms will show that the platform isn't suited for identifying niche skill sets like Marketing Cloud, specifically.

Find the best Marketing Cloud Partner for your project.

In summary, there is no one-size-fits-all Salesforce Implementation Partner.

It is highly dependent on the size of your company, the current Salesforce infrastructure you have in place, and how ambitious your digital transformation goals are looking forward.

If you are kicking off project work that involves a variety of Salesforce Clouds, it can make sense to look to larger Partners but if you are strictly focused on Marketing Cloud or other Cloud projects, identifying a smaller, more flexible, and highly specialized Partner for that particular domain makes a lot more sense.

We can help identify the right right Marketing Cloud Partner.