Salesforce Marketing Cloud Partner, Bubblebox, Acquired

We regularly see consolidation and large acquisitions among Salesforce Partners but an outside player buying a high-value SFMC Specialist is surprising.

June 10, 2021

Bubblebox, a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Partner with 25+ Consultants gets acquired.

Founded in 2008 and based in Vancouver, Bubblebox is a known entity within the Salesforce Partner ecosystem.

A Practice size of 25 Consultants doesn't make them the largest out there; however, the talent market for Marketing Cloud Developers and Consultants is significantly more immature than other offerings. Frequently, top-tier Consulting Partners rely heavily on subcontractors or smaller vendors to deliver on Marketing Cloud scope of work, since hiring a dedicated full-time team is so challenging.

For this reason, it's surprising to see Bubblebox acquired by Marketing services provider, Allant Group, who doesn't seem to have any known ties to the Salesforce ecosystem currently.

While appearing to be technology agnostic, Allant can offer offer greater access to Sales & Marketing resources and potential access to the U.S. market (Headquartered in Illinois), so this may result in them pushing more actively into the Salesforce Partner ecosystem.

As we see other big name Salesforce Partners making acquisitions, Bubblebox seems like a missed opportunity for mid-market Partner with a focus on Sales, Service, Tableau, and CPQ given they could move swiftly into Marketing Cloud pursuits.

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