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All Freelancers are subcontractors of FoundHQ

We handle all on-boarding, timesheets, payroll, and compliance

Pay a flat hourly rate for all approved hours, invoiced at the end of each month

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Not a Consulting Firm. Not a Recruiter. FoundHQ.

Resourcing Strategy

Whether you're hiring Salesforce Admin #1 or building a Center of Excellence from the ground up, we help define the hiring plans.

Talent Network

We provide direct access to a network of 2,500+ global Salesforce Contractors from world-class companies.

Flexible Pricing

Our model is designed to maximize flexibility. Projects are all pay-per-hour, only invoiced after work is delivered each month.

No Commitment

Service contracts have no minimum hourly commitment or duration, so you can cancel or change any time.


Following kickoff with our team, we provide hand-selected Contractor recommendations within 48 hours.

Full Service

We handle any project - from CPQ Architects rescuing a failed implementation to building an entire Salesforce Development team.

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Any Questions?

How much does it cost to hire a Salesforce Consultant?

There is no fee to List a Project or conduct interviews via FoundHQ.
The only cost to engage a Salesforce Consultant through FoundHQ is the hourly rate paid for any work done. When we send recommendations, each Contractor's profile will have an hourly rate listed along with details like Work History, Certifications, Salesforce Product Expertise, Bandwidth etc.
This hourly rate is the total cost to work with the Consultant and includes their pay rate + a FoundHQ mark up.

Where do you find these Salesforce Consultants?

Our team has spent the last 9+ years specialized in Salesforce talent acquisition. Our Founder previously launched TwentyPine, a leading Salesforce Recruitment Agency, and helped build full-time teams at Simplus, CloudCraze, Slalom Consulting, MapAnything, Michelin, ESPN, and dozens of other organizations in the space.
We have invested in our network over the course of many years and the vast majority of our Consultants have previously worked at top Consulting Partners before moving into Independent Consulting.

Are there minimum project requirements?

Nope! The beauty of working with any Independent Salesforce Consultant on FoundHQ is that you can engage for even the smallest of tasks.
We have some customers leveraging Salesforce Admins for one-off projects like setting up a Salesforce <> Outreach integration and others that work on larger, ongoing projects.
When starting an engagement, there is no upfront payment or commitment - you simply pay for any hours billed on the project and can stop the work any time.

How do you verify a Consultant's skill set and experience?

Our vetting process involves 3 primary stages.
The soft skills assessment is to gauge communication style, ability to be a client-facing Consultant and manage all day-to-day interactions with the customer.
A hard skills assessment is performed by select Salesforce Developers and Architects from our network to verify knowledge of the Salesforce platform.
Finally, client references are conducted on each Consultant as a final verification of work quality.

What if I don't know what type of Consultant I need?

The vast majority of customers new to FoundHQ aren't sure what type of Salesforce experience they need. It's highly dependent on the health of your current Salesforce deployment, capabilities of your team, and future project plans.
Schedule a call or drop a message through the Contact Us form below to coordinate a comprehensive discovery call to discuss your current technology stack, desired outcomes, team capabilities, and resourcing options.

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