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Learn how to easily get these products talking to each other or browse from a network of Freelancers with a specific expertise in Salesforce integrations.

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Salesforce Integration Guide

Salesforce is considered to be one of the most powerful SaaS tools based on the ease of integrating it to the rest of your systems environment.

This provides what Salesforce refers to as the '360 Degree Customer View'.

By integrating Salesforce with other applications across teams and divisions, companies have unrivaled visibility and data insights.

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FoundHQ is a Salesforce Freelancers Marketplace featuring 650+ Salesforce Contractors.

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Integration Guides

Depending on the complexity of your Salesforce environment, you may have several options for how you integrate new tools.

More straightforward integrations can be done using 'no code' integration platforms like Zapier, while larger scale orgs may involve custom development and the use of APIs.

Here are the options for this specific product!

Using Zapier to integrate

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How to integrate with Salesforce using Zapier.

Browse the self-serve guide for using Zapier to integrate with Salesforce!

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What is Zapier?

Zapier makes it easy to integrate apps like Salesforce, Intuit, Google, and Dropbox, to move data between them automatically!

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Uh oh! It doesn't look like this product has a Zapier integration with Salesforce.

Don't worry, Zapier is typically the default integration method for non-Developers but you can still integrate with Salesforce using a bit of technical experience.

You can Hire an Integration Expert on FoundHQ.
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Salesforce AppExchange

Oops! It doesn't look like this product has a listing on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Don't worry, you can almost definitely still integrate it with Salesforce but you may need deeper technical knowledge or the help of a Salesforce Developer to get it connected.

Skip ahead to Hire an Integration Expert to browse from 650+ Salesforce Freelancers that can help.

Latest Release:

Latest Release:
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Using APIs for Salesforce

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If Zapier doesn't have a connector for this integration and there's no easy solution to integrate the product via AppExchange, you likely need a custom integration.
Here are the API guides for both products - if you need help from a Salesforce Integration Freelancer, you can browse from 650+ pre-vetted Freelancers on FoundHQ.

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Here is the information you will need about this API to start building a custom integration with Salesforce!

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API Guide

Salesforce API

Explore a wide range of declarative tools, Apex utilities, platform events, integration patterns, and APIs.

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Salesforce API Guide

Hire Salesforce Integration Experts

Salesforce Admin

Get help implementing AppExchange products, working on basic integrations, and building automations and workflows.

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Salesforce Developer

Build custom integrations, work with APIs, and develop complex automations within Salesforce and across systems to maximize data flow and visibility.

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Salesforce Architect

Bring a holistic approach to platform architecture, data modeling, system integration & data management, and designing a security model across all systems.

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How to integrate Salesforce and

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Find Integration Experts with experience integrating Salesforce and the exact tools you use.
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Salesforce and

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Integration Guide

Browse tutorials and vendor resources to get help integrating with Salesforce or sign up below to access Salesforce Integration Experts.
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  • Salesforce Administrators can help setup new platforms and handle straightforward integrations or configuration work but tend to live within Salesforce and not focus cross-systems as much.
  • Salesforce Developers will build custom integrations, work with APIs, and build out more complex automations within Salesforce and across systems to maximize data flow and visibility.
  • Salesforce Architects bring a more holistic approach to platform architecture, data modeling, system integration & data management, and designing a security model across all systems.
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and Salesforce Integration

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Salesforce integration strategy varies depending on your current systems environment, how heavily you have customized Salesforce and other applications, and the complexity of what you're trying to achieve.
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