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Matt Casciano
Head of Enterprise Applications
ACV Auctions
"Finding Consultants that are of this quality in Salesforce is extremely hard. Let alone being able to hire in a matter of weeks. Finally having a partner I can trust, who can deliver the right talent every time, was a game changer.”
Alexis D.
Sr. Director, Revenue Systems
"I love that I can scale the GTM Systems team up or down as I need to without having to worry about minimum hours.

It makes it incredibly easy to prioritize our projects without worrying about team bandwidth, which is why we have successfully hired 7 Contractors from FoundHQ in the past 18 months.”
Thomas Rasmussen
Sr. Director, Biz Apps
Coupa Software
"We needed top-notch Salesforce Contractors that could come in and have an immediate impact. FoundHQ delivered a shortlist of 3 Contractors in just a few days, all of whom we could have hired.
Super impressed and happy to be working with them."
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Hire the best Salesforce Administrator globally.

Salesforce Experience
6 years

Nearshore Sr. Salesforce Admin with 8 years working at Enterprise Customers and Partners

Expert In
Sales Cloud
Service Cloud
CPQ Cloud
Salesforce Experience
7 years

Experienced Salesforce Administrator with experience at some of the fastest growing B2B and B2C startups.

Expert In
Sales Cloud
Service Cloud
Experience Cloud
Salesforce Experience
7 years

Hybrid Salesforce Admin and Rev Ops Consultant capable of working with high-growth Revenue Operations teams that need qual parts strategy and execution.

Expert In
Sales Cloud
Service Cloud
Experience Cloud
Salesforce Experience
5 years

Ex-Consultant turned CRM Manager with deep expertise in growth-stage SaaS startups working to Revenue Cloud.

Expert In
Sales Cloud
CPQ Cloud
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How to Hire a Salesforce Administrator with FoundHQ


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We narrow our community of 3,000 Salesforce Freelancers to the top 3 for your specific project.


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Start Work
We handle all on-boarding, payroll, and compliance so you can start working as soon as you find the right fit.

A Salesforce Administrator for every project

Depending on the type of work you need to get done, FoundHQ will hand-select the right Salesforce Contractors to fit the needs of the project, engagement duration, and team fit.


Veteran Consultants to lead end-to-end deployments of new Salesforce products.

Rescue Projects

Specialized Consultants focused on dropping in and turning troubled projects around.

Managed Services

Partner with outside Salesforce Specialists to manage your ongoing product strategy, roadmap, and project execution.

Staff Augmentation

Extend the bandwidth of your internal team by adding experienced Salesforce talent in a full-time capacity.

Ad Hoc

On-demand Salesforce Contractors for break-fixes, small scale enhancements, integrations, and ongoing tasks.


Companies we helped hire Salesforce Administrator

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Our Vetting Process


Behavioral and Soft Skills Interview

A 30 minute pre-screen for a full walk through of Consultant's Salesforce work history, prior projects and team structures, core competencies, and an assessment of communication skills.

Technical Assessment

A deep-dive technical interview or live coding exercise to validate core competency within Salesforce.
This interview is conducted by the Top 1% of Consultants in Our Network.

Reference Check

We conduct backchannel references with peers, prior Managers, or previous customers worked with on Salesforce projects.

Not a Consulting Firm. Not a Recruiter. FoundHQ.

Resourcing Strategy

Whether you're hiring Salesforce Admin #1 or building a Center of Excellence from the ground up, we help define the hiring plans.

Talent Network

We provide direct access to a network of 2,500+ global Salesforce Contractors from world-class companies.

Flexible Pricing

Our model is designed to maximize flexibility. Projects are all pay-per-hour, only invoiced after work is delivered each month.

No Commitment

Service contracts have no minimum hourly commitment or duration, so you can cancel or change any time.


Following kickoff with our team, we provide hand-selected Contractor recommendations within 48 hours.

Full Service

We handle any project - from CPQ Architects rescuing a failed implementation to building an entire Salesforce Development team.


Any Questions?

Are there any Recruitment Fees with FoundHQ?

There is NO FEE to List a Project or conduct interviews via FoundHQ.
You don't pay a thing until you find a Salesforce Consultant and start working.
Our service fees are accounted for in the hourly rate you pre-approve before interviewing and hiring the Consultant through us.

Every Consultant's profile will have an hourly rate listed, which is the total cost to you.

-What’s the typical hourly rate for the Consultants?

Average rate depends on the specific type of Consultant you're hiring.
For example, a Salesforce Admin Contractor will be in the range of $85/hour to $115/hour, while a Salesforce Developer Contractor will be around $90/hour to $140/hour.

You can view a complete breakdown of Typical Salesforce Consultant Hourly Rates.

What if my Consultant doesn't work out?

The beauty of working with Salesforce Consultant on FoundHQ is the flexibility it provides.
If you engage a Consultant that doesn't end up being the right fit, we terminate the engagement and replace the Consultant immediately.
Additionally, we will provide a refund for work performed up to the point of termination.

To date, FoundHQ has facilitated 200+ projects with a success rate of 98.5%.

How does payment work?

All Consultants are engaged as subcontractors of FoundHQ.
You don't need to worry about any onboarding, compliance, timesheets, or payment.

The Consultant will track all hours worked on a weekly basis.
FoundHQ will submit an invoice at the end of each month for all approved hours work.
Invoices are payable NET 30.

How does communication with my Consultant work?

FoundHQ Consultants embed directly into your team and fit into your existing processes.
You can add them to the company Slack, create a corporate email and anything else you might need.

The Consultant is a resource for YOUR team, no need to go through FoundHQ for any work related items.

Are there minimum commitments that need to be met?

Absolutely not. You can decide how much work you need done in a give week or month but you aren't locked in to any minimum number of hours or project duration.

It may be 20 hours this week and only 10 hours next week. Everything is flexible.
You pay for actual work delivered.

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Offshore Salesforce Engineers

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Do you need to hire Offshore Salesforce Engineers?

Companies are increasingly turning to a truly global hiring strategy when it comes to building internal Salesforce teams. However, there are questions to ask yourself when determining if hiring a team of offshore Salesforce Engineers is the right fit for your organization.

Let's take a look at the potential benefits for your company; how other companies are hiring offshore Salesforce Development teams; and the best way to start the process.

Benefits of hiring Offshore Salesforce Engineers

Are you thinking of adopting an Offshore Salesforce Support strategy to assist with ongoing project work?

There are a number of ways you can go about it and the different options provide different benefits. For starters, you can partner with an Offshore Development company, which is a vendor that supplies a team of their employees to work on your projects. Alternatively, you can hire a team of Independent Salesforce Consultants directly, which allows you to have more control over team selection and management of the work to be done.

Regardless of which approach you take, here are some of the key benefits that make Offshore Salesforce Development an attractive option for US-based companies.

Increases your Talent Pool

Why limit yourself to hiring only people who live in the same time zone, country, or city as you?

By deciding to hire offshore Salesforce Engineers, you immediately increase the pool of talent in the market, which is especially necessarily when dealing in a highly competitive market like Salesforce. You are more likely to find higher quality Engineers if you are willing to hire people based anywhere in the world.

Hire for Specialized Skill Sets

The challenge with hiring full-time Salesforce Engineers is that you need to identify skill sets that can be used on an ongoing basis, across a wide range of projects.

For example, you might only have 2 months worth of CPQ Cloud projects - what are you going to do with that individual when the CPQ work finishes?

Offshore Salesforce Freelancers are available for short-term project engagements, so you can onboard an Engineer for a specific set of tasks and offboard them when the work is finished.

Allow Your Company And Projects To Scale

Hiring Offshore Salesforce Engineers can help you easily increase your company’s development capacity when projects call for it and decrease it during slower periods of work. Perhaps your in-house team is fully occupied with strategic projects and you need a Salesforce Engineer to focus on inbound requests when they surge.

There is incredible flexibility for companies hiring offshore teams of Consultants.

Save Money

By hiring Offshore Salesforce Engineers, you can save a lot of money.

On average, a Sr. Salesforce Engineer in the United States will charge an hourly rate of $120/hour-$145/hour, while a Sr. Salesforce Engineer in India is typically around $50/hour-$65/hour.

Companies that are willing to invest in onboarding offshore Development teams and building the processes necessary for them to succeed can ultimately benefit from huge cost savings.

Receive The Completed Work Faster

When building a global Salesforce Development team with Engineers scattered across different time zones, you are able to adopt a continuous development process.

That’s because there will always be someone working on the project, essentially 24 hours a day. This is in contrast to hiring Salesforce Engineers based in a single time zone, where you only have work getting done for 8-10 hours per day.

Companies hiring global Salesforce Developers see massive productivity gains and reduction in overall delivery timelines.

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Challenges hiring Offshore Salesforce Engineers

Adopting this strategy may have a ton of benefits but it doesn't come without challenges. This resource model requires proactive decision making from a company, so they can plan and prepare for onboarding a global Salesforce Development team.

Quality Control

Companies are typically hiring the majority of their teams from existing networks - previous colleagues, referrals, friends of friends, professional recommendations etc. However, when companies start hiring in different countries, they are inevitably wading into unknown territory.

It's particularly important to take your time with the vetting process. Conduct multiple rounds of video interviews to meet the Salesforce Engineer and communication at length. Be sure to conduct technical assessments (ideally a live coding exercise, so you can watch how they work) and most definitely check previous references on the individual.

Dev Ops Process

This is perhaps the most important factor when hiring offshore Salesforce Engineers.

Because you will have a continuous development process with multiple individuals working on a code base simultaneously, you need to have proper Dev Ops processes and controls in place. The development org can get messy and delay production timelines if you don't have the proper tools, processes, and QA methodology implemented at the start.

Expectation Setting

At the start of an engagement with Offshore Salesforce Engineers, you want to be clear on what you expect from them.

What is the turnaround time you expect to see on new requests? How often are they attending stand ups? Are they interfacing heavily with other team members and stakeholders?

Set these expectations upfront to ensure everyone is aligned.

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Companies hiring offshore Salesforce Engineers

As US companies become more comfortable with remote work, we are seeing a huge increase in the adoption of offshore Salesforce Development services.

Cargill, a global manufacturing company has a team of 14 based in India, spanning Salesforce Engineers, Administrators, Architects, and Business Analysts. Other companies building offshore Salesforce Development teams include PayPal, Workday, Coupa Software, Uber, Snowflake, MongoDB, and many others.

FoundHQ recently partnered with ACV Auctions to scale an Offshore and Nearshore Salesforce Development team. Over a 6 week period in early 2022, we helped them define the needs and successfully hire a team of 7 Salesforce Engineers, based throughout Latin America and India.

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Where You Can Find Offshore Salesforce Engineers

There are still limited options for reliably hiring Offshore Salesforce Engineers.

There are some Development Partners that exist with HQ locations in various countries and teams dedicated to recruiting, interviewing, and hiring Salesforce Engineers to put on projects with US companies. Some of these can be good options; however, companies that operate locally are paying in that local currency, which means the Engineers they are able to hire tend to be junior.

The most experience Salesforce Engineers are either taking full-time jobs with US companies or they are Freelancing directly with US based companies, both of which offer them a significant increase in earnings compared to joining a company Headquartered in their Region.

For that reason, the best option is to build a direct relationship with these Engineers.

This is where some of the risk comes into play if you don't have an intermediary helping to vet the talent and guarantee reliability.

To save time and be assured that the team you hire is made up of true Salesforce Experts, you might want to consider hiring through a specialized Freelancer platform like FoundHQ.

Our team has spent 10 years focused entirely on Salesforce talent acquisition. We have built a trusted network of 2,500+ Salesforce Freelancers globally and every individual on the platform has been pre-vetted and verified by our team.

These include offshore Salesforce Engineers from companies like Accenture, Deloitte, IBM, Stripe, Uber, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and dozens of other Fortune 500s.

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A Guide to Hiring a Salesforce Administrator

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What is Salesforce Administration?

Just in case we skipped too many steps ahead, let's take a look at Salesforce Administration 101.

At the most basic level, Salesforce Administration involves the day-to-day support, maintenance, and management of your internal Salesforce org. A big piece of it is focused on the users - ensuring they are properly trained on the features available and aware of what data needs to be input for proper Sales reporting, lead attribution, forecasting metrics etc. Salesforce Administration best practices say that you should have at least 1 Salesforce Admin for every 30-40 users with the recommended number increasing incrementally as you add users and feature complexity.

If you don't hire the right Salesforce Admin team, you run into data quality issues and user adoption challenges that negatively impact your ability to get value from the platform.

What type of Salesforce help do you really need?

You may have already decided that you need a dedicated Salesforce Administrator. Alternatively, you may have yet to evaluate your options. In either case, your next step is figuring out what strategy works best for your company.

You have three choices when hiring a Salesforce Administrator. These choices include hiring a:

1. Salesforce Consulting Partner

2. Salesforce Administrator Consultant

3. Full-Time Salesforce Administrator

You may already know what type of arrangement fits your needs. In that case, you can focus on finding a qualified Salesforce Administrator using our platform. However, other companies may still wonder which option makes more sense.

Firstly, no company should completely outsource its Salesforce product strategy. Still, your staff members may have limited Salesforce knowledge or you may need a specialized Salesforce skill set for a one-time project. In that case, you may want to hire a Salesforce Admin Consultant on a short-term project. We see this as a common approach for companies that need to hire a specialized Salesforce Consultant to integrate Conga CLM, for example. They’ll help you to assess your goals and expenditures for a specific project and also help you to establish best practices.

A skilled Salesforce Administrator understands how to make the platform meet your unique needs. They’ll help your stakeholders get the most out of the Salesforce features available, proactively recommending what you could build and how to do it.

A primary role of Salesforce Administrators is to stay updated on the new product releases and additional tools and capabilities available. They are like a trusted advisor, typically working with the Revenue Operations team or on a standalone Business Systems or Enterprise Applications team. They serve as a trusted advisor, acting as a bridge between your business and technology teams. Since the platform has such expansive capabilities, companies typically need someone that straddles the Business and Technology, so they have enough awareness of what the stakeholders and users need as well as an understanding of how to deliver those solutions.

A Salesforce Admin in Action

Think about your company’s sales team. They may use Sales Cloud to track opportunities and close sales. If so, they can benefit from the guidance of a Salesforce Administrator. The Administrator will help your sales team set up personalized dashboards, workflow automations, alerts, and more. They’ll also help your Leadership run customized reporting, allowing teams to take a more data-centric approach to their go-to-market strategy. More importantly, a Salesforce Administrator will help you to shorten your sales cycle, identifying ways to automate manual processes, integrate 3rd party solutions that help with sales automation or revenue intelligence, deploy CPQ and CLM solutions to automate the closing process etc.

While some Salesforce Administrators are only focused on Sales Cloud, the core CRM offering, others will work across the range of products available in the Salesforce arsenal. After all, there's a solution for nearly every business unit, including Marketing, Customer Support, Finance, and other mission-critical business units. The more teams within a company using Salesforce, the more value it delivers to the business through a unified view of the customer.

Typical Salesforce Admin Responsibilities

A good part-time Salesforce Admin can help in a number of different areas. It will always start with them gathering requirements to identify your goals with the platform, set expectations for the projects it will take to deliver those results, and scope out a project timeline.

For instance, a Salesforce Admin can help you to arrange user training if you're having issues with user adoption. Alternatively, they can identify features or 3rd party products to streamline the contract execution and document management process. Or they can craft a long-term CRM product roadmap and develop a hiring strategy that will allow you to scale.

Typically, a Freelance Salesforce Administrator is the best option when you aren't sure what you will need in the long-term but know you have projects you'd like to implement today. Finding a Salesforce Admin Consultant or deciding to hire a part-time Salesforce Admin gives you the maximum flexibility.

For more established companies that know their go-to-market strategy, have a structured sales process and know how that team will scale, it might make sense to hire a full-time Salesforce Admin.

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