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per hour, total cost
4x Certified Salesforce Administrator / Business Analyst
  • Available 40+ hrs/week
  • Sales, Service, CPQ
    Deployed CPQ in 3 different companies!
  • Five9, Conga, Hubspot exp.
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per hour, total cost
Dual Sales Ops Manager & Salesforce Administrator
  • Sales, CPQ, Pardot
  • Hands-on Pardot Admin.
  • 10+ years in Salesforce

New York

per hour, total cost
6 year SFDC Admin, working at Series A + B startups
  • Available 40+ hrs/week
  • Sales Cloud + Admin Certified
  • RingCentral, Conga, SalesLoft exp.
Primary Function

Salesforce Administrator

All Salesforce Consultants on FoundHQ are vetted by our team and grouped by their Primary Function, so you can easily find the right experience.
  • Sales Cloud
  • Commerce Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Communities
  • Health Cloud
  • MuleSoft
  • Vlocity
  • Implementation
    Deploy new instances of Salesforce, define business processes, and implement streamlined product features
  • Configuration
    Work alongside Developers & Product Owners to evolve the power of Salesforce with custom workflows, automation, and tools
  • AppExchange Integrations
    Identify out-of-the-box solutions available and setup, integrate, and configure to work alongside your existing Salesforce environment.
  • Business Analysis
    Proactively work with users and stakeholders to identify areas for improvement and document requirements.
  • Support
    Provide ongoing support & maintenance to cross-functional user bases.
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The way Customers utilize a Salesforce Contractor varies depending on whether you have an ongoing need or a temporary fix.
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Head of Rev Ops
Sales Cloud
Joined a startup with 1 Jr. Admin and quickly need someone for enhancements and to help craft the 3-6 month CRM roadmap.
VP of Sales
Sales Cloud
Our Sales team had a wishlist of features and AppExchange products we wanted to build and needed someone that could get it done.
Sales Ops Manager
Sales Cloud, CPQ
I got promoted from Admin to Sales Ops Mgr and had to backfill myself quickly while setting the longer term hiring plan for Salesforce.
Director, Biz Apps
Sales, Service, CPQ
We have a 7-person Salesforce team but lost our Lead Admin mid-project, so needed a CPQ expert to step in as the Business Analyst.

7 Tried and True Salesforce Administrator Interview Questions

It’s never easy to give someone admin access to Salesforce. Especially if you’ve spent years getting it to work for your business. If you’re hiring for an external Salesforce admin it can be tough to know what to ask. If you go too deep, you’ll scare them off. If you don’t go deep enough, you may bring on the wrong person. Asking the right questions can save you time and resources you can’t afford to waste.

A growing number of companies are embracing In 2020, the tech firm generated $4.5 billion in revenue. That amount’s up 33% from the previous year. If you’re like many companies, you may find that you’re in need of a Salesforce strategic advisor. A consultant can help you navigate the complex Salesforce application.

There are many consultants willing to join your team. However, that doesn’t mean that they’re all going to do a great job. Accordingly, you need to know what to look for if you need to hire a Salesforce administrator. In other words, you need to know what to ask when interviewing potential Salesforce administration consultants.

For seven tried-and-true Salesforce administrator interview questions, keep reading.

What to Ask Before Hiring a Salesforce Administrator

It’s important to find the right administrator for your needs. The right questions enable you to vet a potential Salesforce strategic advisor thoroughly. Salesforce is a relatively new CRM platform. As a result, you won’t see anyone with a degree specializing in Salesforce administration—at least not yet. However, there are a few traits that you can observe to help you find the best candidate for the job. The following questions will tell you whether a Salesforce administrative candidate is well trained in the use of the application. More importantly, they’ll tell you if they’re qualified to meet your needs.

Read on ...

1. What Portals Are Available In Salesforce?

It’s vital to find an administrator that knows Salesforce products. If you hire a candidate, they’re going to lead your CRM team. Accordingly, they’ll need to exude confidence in their role.

2. How Do You Create Salesforce Reports?

Of course, it’s important to ask questions that directly relate to the role of Salesforce administrator. However, you can tailor those questions to meet the needs of your organization. For instance, you can ask candidates how to create reports to show important metrics tracked by your company.9

3. How Are You with Conflict?

Although you’re hiring a Salesforce administrator to manage your technology, the role is ultimately about people. You’ll need a candidate that can work with people confidently and professionally.

4. What Will You Do If a Senior Staff Member Can’t Understand Your Instructions?

Excellent communication is vital for any Salesforce administrator. Staff members turn to Salesforce administrators for fast clear answers for all kinds of issues, whether big or small.

5. Why Do You Want to Work with Salesforce?

These questions will help you to make sure that a Salesforce administrator candidate understands the product. However, you also want to ensure that you hire someone who’s committed to continual learning.

Salesforce is constantly evolving. You’ll need a candidate that can keep up with the changes.

6. How Do You Expand Your Knowledge about Salesforce?

If a Salesforce administrator candidate lists several related skill updates over time, you’re off to a good start. Here, you’ll want to ask questions to learn more about how the candidate learns about Salesforce products.

7. Have You Ever Lost Data? If So, How Did You Deal With It?

The answer to this question will give you a good idea of how a potential Salesforce admin resolves issues. It doesn’t matter how much experience they have if they can’t come up with a logical resolution for problems—especially serious ones.

Why Hire a Salesforce Admin?

A skilled Salesforce Administrator understands how to make the platform meet your unique needs. They’ll help your stakeholders get the most out of Salesforce features. A Freelance Salesforce Administrator will work with your staff members to customize the platform. Some companies even employ full-time professionals for this role.

A Salesforce Administrator is someone your staff members can turn to whenever needed. They also help to maintain the platform. Also, an effective Salesforce administrator makes it easy as possible for employees of any technical level to use it.


Salesforce administrators also stay updated on the platform’s tools and capabilities. They’ll help your staff to understand any new updates. A Salesforce administrator is like a trusted advisor. They’ll serve as a bridge between your business and technology. Salesforce has massive capabilities and is quite complex. Accordingly, you’ll need an admin that’s qualified to help you use the Salesforce platform to its fullest potential. Sometimes, Salesforce administrators hold dual roles. Other times, companies hire someone to work solely with the Salesforce application.

A Salesforce Admin in Action

Think about your company’s sales team. They may use Sales Cloud to track opportunities and close sales. If so, they can benefit from the guidance of a Salesforce administrator. The administrator will help your sales team set up personalized dashboards, fields and alerts. They’ll also help you to run customize reporting. More importantly, a Salesforce administrator will help you to shorten your sales cycle. They’ll also help you to track every lead in greater detail. This level of service will result in greater satisfaction among your salespeople—and your customers. However, Salesforce can provide benefits beyond your sales department.

In fact, there’s a digital solution for nearly every company team. These teams might include marketing, customer service and other mission-critical business units. Every department can learn how to use the Salesforce platform more effectively with the help of a Salesforce admin.

How to Find a Reliable Salesforce Administrator

If you want a fast, reliable way to find a freelance Salesforce administrator, look no further than FoundHQ. With our platform, you can find the right admin quickly. FoundHQ offers flexibility. With FoundHQ, you can start small. Then, you can plan as you go. More importantly, it offers quality. We qualify and assess every Salesforce contractor on our platform. Furthermore, more than 85% of our admins have worked with Salesforce for five or more years. No matter your need, FoundHQ can help you to fulfill it. With FoundHQ, you can spend less time looking for the right Salesforce admin and more time getting down to business.

All our contractors engage by the hour. Furthermore, we stand behind our service. If one of our Salesforce admins doesn’t meet your expectations, we’ll refund the hours. We’ll also help you to find a new freelance Salesforce administrator. Working with FoundHQ is that simple. Also, we’re there for you when your company grows. We offer a fully scalable Salesforce admin staffing solution. Some of our clients work with a single contractor as needed. Others choose our platform to put together Salesforce administrator teams.

Our contractors can work on a range of projects. For example, you might have a small Salesforce project requiring only a couple of hours a week. Alternatively, you may need a Salesforce administrator 40 hours a week. You may even need a Salesforce administrator to work with your company full-time.

What type of Salesforce help do you really need?

You may have already decided that you need a dedicated Salesforce administrator. Alternatively, you may have yet to evaluate your options. In either case, your next step is figuring out what strategy works best for your company.

You have three choices when hiring a Salesforce Administrator. These choices include hiring a:

1. Salesforce Consulting Partner

2. Salesforce Contractor

3. Full-time Salesforce staff member

You may already know what type of arrangement fits your needs. In that case, you can focus on finding a qualified Salesforce Administrator using our platform. However, other companies may still wonder which option makes more sense. Firstly, no company should outsource its Salesforce product strategy completely. Still, your staff members may have limited Salesforce knowledge. In that case, you may want to hire a Salesforce Consulting Partner. With this arrangement, you’ll rely on an outside vendor. They’ll help you to assess your goals and expenditures. They’ll also help you to establish best practices. For instance, a salesforce admin can help you to arrange user training. They can also help you to develop policies for support and maintenance. A Salesforce Consultant can also help you to create a product roadmap. They can even help you to develop a hiring strategy that will empower you to build the best sales team possible.

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Now you know seven tried-and-true questions to help you hire a Salesforce administrator. You’ve also learned about the easiest and fastest way to find the best Salesforce administrator possible. You may need to execute your first Salesforce deployment. Alternatively, you may want to optimize your current instance of Salesforce. Yet still, you may need help with specific areas of Salesforce, such as support and maintenance. With FoundHQ, you can find the right contractor for the job. If you’re ready to move forward, browse hundreds of Salesforce experts today.

It’s our mission to help you get work done. We organize our contractors by primary function. So you can find a Salesforce administrator with the right skills and experience easily.

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Company FAQ

What makes FoundHQ different?

We have a singular focus - curating a network of world class Salesforce Freelancers. We are not a project-based Consulting Partner nor are we a Traditional Staffing Firm blindly sending resumes through a database. We are in the business of identifying talent and empowering select, dedicated Freelancers to build the career they've always envisioned.

We deliver flexibility. Our customers receive the benefits of engaging highly motivated, satisfied Freelancers without the additional costs associated with traditional services-based companies. Our customers build relationships directly with Freelancers and retain them for project needs well into the future.

Where does FoundHQ identify your Freelancers?

The largest percentage of our Freelancer network (85%) comes from Salesforce Consultants looking to depart the rigorous lifestyle of working for a major Salesforce Consulting Partner.

We spend time proactively building relationships with these Consultants and when the timing is right, we staff them on a project that launches their career as a Freelancer.

Our mission truly is to empower these individuals to move forward.
We not only offer more flexibility in their lifestyle but also the ability for Consultants to select their own projects. This leads to our Freelancers working for companies and people they believe in and a closer personal interest in their work than traditional employment offered.

What is the process of working with FoundHQ?

We request an upfront call with all Freelancers and Customers prior to providing access to the site. Our priority is quality control over growth and this is our way to ensure it.
We will discuss your Salesforce project and resource needs. You then create a profile (it takes 5 minutes or we can do it for you). At that point, you can browse all Salesforce Freelancers on our platform or we can send you select profiles to review.
We help coordinate the interview process start to finish. You select a Freelancer to hire. We sign a simple, flexible work schedule detailing the agreed upon hourly rate (the rest is open-ended and you can cancel at any time).

We on-board the Freelancer, who works directly with your team throughout the engagement, submitting weekly timesheets for approval, and FoundHQ invoices bi-weekly for approved hours worked.

Can I hire part-time and full-time Freelancers?

Yes. We have small customers that use Salesforce Developers & Administrators for as little as 5-10 hours per week and customers hiring full-time (40 hour per week), dedicated Freelancers for 6+ months.

Can you staff an entire project team?

Yes. Our customers include both Salesforce Customers and Consulting Partners.
Some use the platform to identify individual Freelancers and others are looking to build a multi-disciplinary project team for enterprise projects. We can help to build a team with the necessary skill sets and experience having worked together in the past.

Do you place full-time employees as well as Freelancers?

Sort of. It's not our core focus (yet) but we have begun developing a network of Salesforce Professionals only looking to join a team full-time. Fill out the form below with a bit of information on the type of position & location, so we can see if our current network will support the search. If so, we operate on a flat 12.5% placement fee.

Do you have sample profiles I can see before signing up?

We can send fully anonymized profiles for any Freelancer featured on our platform, which will include location, hourly rate, years of experience, Salesforce platform experience, Certifications, and project/work history.

Fill out the form below with some details about the skill sets you'd like to see.

What is the cost?

The platform is free to access forever.

Freelancer's profiles will all detail an hourly bill rate - this is the all inclusive cost to the customer. These Freelancers will be engaged subcontractors of FoundHQ and the hourly rate includes the Freelancers pay rate + our margin.