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Structuring a Global Salesforce Support Team at MongoDB

August 9, 2023
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Structuring a Global Salesforce Support Team at MongoDB

MongoDB is a company that spends big on Go-to-Market.

  • 57% of total revenue ($700m per year) goes to Sales & Marketing.
  • 27.5% of the entire company sits in Sales.

And it drives us crazy when companies make this kind of investment and don’t provide the infrastructure that team then needs to succeed.

Fortunately, that’s not the case at MongoDB.

The 1,450 person Sales org breaks down as follows:

  • 47% in the U.S. (676 Reps)
  • 9% in India
  • 7% in Ireland
  • 5% in England
  • 5% in Spain
  • 5% in France
  • 10% throughout rest of Europe
  • 10% throughout rest of APAC
  • Remainder in Canada, Mexico, South America

This global Sales org is supported by a 50+ person Salesforce team, spanning Salesforce Administrators, Developers, Business Analysts, and Product Owners. But continuously improving the Sales infrastructure requires a high degree of structure within the Salesforce team.

It starts with splitting out the resources you plan to allocate toward Strategic Projects vs. Ongoing Support / Maintenance vs. Enablement. Then, it takes a step further - where do these team members need to be located in order to support their respective stakeholders and users?

At MongoDB, only 37% of the overall Salesforce team is based in the U.S.

  • 100% All of Salesforce Leadership is based in the United States
  • 50% of Product Owners
  • 42% of Developers
  • 25% of BSAs
  • 17% of Admins

Since the Administrator headcount is focused on supporting and enabling the user base, you need to ensure they are co-located in the correct regions (and on the right time zone) to adequately support those users.

Distribution of MongoDB's 17 Salesforce Admins

  • 3 in the United States
  • 8 in India
  • 4 in Ireland
  • 1 in France
  • 1 in Brazil

Sales Enablement at MongoDB

In any Sales-led org, Salesforce Support is a critical function that, among other things, helps maximize the investment you're making in the GTM Technology Stack. At a minimum, they drive change management initiatives and training to boost adoption.

But in cases where you're dealing with the scale and level of complexity, Sales Enablement helps craft a strategic roadmap for when and how new tools are rolled out. At MongoDB, the Sales Technology infrastructure spans Sales Cloud, Clari, Outreach, ZoomInfo, SalesDirector.ai, Chorus.ai, and a range of custom tools (both native and non-native to Salesforce).

The Sales Enablement team dedicated to driving successful adoption of these tools is another 25+ people.

This group is more heavily slanted toward being local to the United States (70%) with the remainder in Ireland, England, and France.

Additionally, MongoDB is hiring a Director of Sales Technology Enablement (as of August 10th, 2023) to further strengthen adoption and create a cohesive feedback loop between end users and the teams designing tools for them.