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When Should Startups Invest in RevOps?

When Should Startups Invest in RevOps?
Max Maeder
When Should Startups Invest in RevOps?

You're LATE to invest in Rev Ops if the Sales org is in growth mode. The key to scaling Go to Market is building on a solid foundation.

We look at the 13 biggest SaaS funding rounds in the last 90 days.

Only four are set up for efficient growth.

In SaaS, you achieve efficiency by investing in Rev Ops. SaaS companies need systems, processes, and tools to facilitate growth.

Doing it on the fly creates inconsistency, bloat, and bad processes.

RevOps facilitates efficient growth, which in turn leads to profitability.

What are the 13 most recently funded Startups doing in RevOps?

👉 4 are investing right
👉 3 are NOT Investing
👉 6 TBD

Doing it RIGHT:

Levitate ($14m Series C)
• 0 GTM Systems team
• 4 on Rev Ops team
• 94 in Sales

AlphaSense ($100m Series D)
• Director of GTM Systems + 1 Salesforce Administrator
• 17 on Rev Ops team
• 450 in Sales

Wunderkind ($76m Series C)
• Sr. Manager, Enterprise Apps + 4 Salesforce Administrators
• 17 on Rev Ops team
• 233 in Sales

Bonusly ($19m Series B)
• 0 GTM Systems team
• Director of Rev Ops + Manager of Rev Ops + Sales Ops Specialist
• 29 in Sales

NOT investing in Rev Ops/GTM Systems:

Instawork ($60m Series D)
• 0 GTM Systems team
• 2 on Rev Ops team
• 328 in Sales

Eagle Eye ($100m Series F)
• 0 GTM Systems team
• 1 Sales Ops Analyst
• 128 in Sales

Spiff ($50m Series C)
• 0 GTM Systems Team
• 1 Sales Ops Analyst
• 83 in Sales

🤷‍♂️ (6) Too early to judge:

Startups with < 50 in Sales with 0-1 in Rev Ops & GTM Systems.

The key takeaway: Do Not underestimate or delay RevOps investment, regardless of the company's size or stage. Creating successful, sustainable SaaS businesses is crucial for a sustainable growth strategy.

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