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Why Salesforce Architects Are An Essential Part Of Any Team

Why Salesforce Architects Are An Essential Part Of Any Team
Max Maeder
Why Salesforce Architects Are An Essential Part Of Any Team

Salesforce customers could swiftly solve many problems if just they had a Salesforce Architect on board.

And I’m not talking about paying $400/hour to engage a Partner.

Or hiring an FTE Architect that you might not be able to keep busy.

Most Salesforce Customers don’t need full-time Architects on staff. (If you have thousands of users across a multi-Cloud environment, you 🫵 do, though.)

However, any decision or project that involves a meaningful change to your current Salesforce setup - i.e., custom development or integrations - should be reviewed or advised on by an Architect before jumping into the project.

• Are you building the most straightforward, cleanest solution possible?
• Will this functionality scale as the business needs change?
• Do you have precise technical requirements laid out for the Engineers?

“Salesforce Architects are too expensive” is what you’ll say next.

Sort of.

Here’s the solution and how much it costs.

❌ A Salesforce Architect at a Partner costs $350/hour - $500/hour

✅ That same Architect as a Freelancer costs $140/hour - $175/hour

Unless you are engaging an Architect to guide you through an end-to-end deployment (i.e., rolling out CPQ Cloud for the first time), engaging a ‘Fractional’ Salesforce Architect is the best way to do it.

Think of them like a Technical Advisor focused on your Salesforce strategy.

You simply pay as you go when you need to pull them into the conversation. You are unlikely to leverage them more than 30-40 hours per month.
Some months may be higher as you kick off strategic Salesforce projects, and some months you won’t use them at all.

But this is the beauty of Fractional Salesforce Contractors.

It’s flexible, cost-effective, and allows companies of all sizes to access deep technical expertise and maximize their return on Salesforce.

We always encourage companies with in-house Salesforce Administrators & Developers to explore the idea of adding a part-time Architect to guide the decisions and direction of your roadmap.

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