What is Gong and Revenue Intelligence?

What is Gong and Revenue Intelligence?
Max Maeder
Gong is a new breed of Sales Technology called Revenue Intelligence. The tool gives companies the ability to analyze every customer interaction from every Rep across every stage in the sales process in order to identify trends that lead to successful deals.
What is Gong and Revenue Intelligence?

The data needed to close more deals lives in Gong.

Revenue Operations as a job function hasn't been around for all that long. As recently as 2015, even the highest performing SaaS organizations took an activity based approach to Sales, rather than implementing a data-centered strategy.

Part of the reason Revenue Operations teams can exist is because we now have the tools needed to extra data and generate insights around what leads to a successful deal.

One of the driving tools behind this trend is Gong, a revenue intelligence platform that allows companies to sort through every customer interaction they've ever had (whether phone, e-mail, chat, or elsewhere) and identify the key indicators that point to success in the sales process.

Gong Overview

The tool offers Sales Reps and Leaders complete insight into deals, team performance, and market changes. It allows company Manager and Executives to get a complete picture of what’s happening in customer conversations and leverage that data in a training or sales strategy capacity.

By making customer interactions more easily available and transforming unstructured qualitative data into quantitative insights, Revenue Operations teams can easily identify trends around what's working and use that data to instruct Sales Leadership on key sales activities that need to be performed to win opportunities.

Gong’s Reality Platform captures what’s happening with your customers as well as your team, and provides insights so you can adapt to changes, gain new skills, and achieve your targets.

What you can do with the Gong platform

The Gong platform provides organizations with visibility into Sales Success Indicators, allowing Reps to easily spot trends the correlate to negative outcomes and change their approach early in the process, or identify trends that correlate to positive outcomes and prioritize those Sales pursuits as the most likely to close.

The tool not only provides tactical revenue intelligence to the Reps on a day-to-day basis but provides Sales Leadership and Rev Ops teams with more accurate forecasting models - any time you can use data to inform on decisions, it leads to better outcomes.

Gong also enables teams to build a coaching program and get an understanding of employees' soft skills and ability to execute and close deals. Representatives get personalized guidance so Managers can help make sure they are thriving and oriented around the right activities for success.

In short, Gong tells the story behind a team’s performance, the market your company operates in, and your business initiatives. It provides context to the data - rather than looking at raw numbers in a report or dashboard and drawing conclusions, it uses real customer interactions across a specific set of data in order to identify trends with precision, serving those insights to Reps in real-time so their actions can shift.

Gong on AppExchange

There is a Gong App available on the Salesforce App Exchange. This native Salesforce to Gong integration allows companies to setup a bi-directional sync that pulls all relevant Sales data and activity history from Sales Cloud into Gong and then push relevant insights, recommendations, and actions from Gong back into Sales Cloud.

While the setup of the integration isn't terribly complex, it all comes down to how you use the tool and action the data.

Are you interested in integrating Gong with Salesforce? Read our step-by-step Gong Salesforce integration guide!

Looking for some additional assistance with setting up the integration? FoundHQ can provide you with Salesforce Experts who can complete the integration for you and show you how to use Gong with Salesforce!

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