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The Salesforce Partner Ecosystem Is Outdated

The Salesforce Partner Ecosystem Is Outdated
Max Maeder
The Salesforce Partner Ecosystem Is Outdated

The Salesforce Partner ecosystem model is outdated because it no longer best serves the needs of the customer.

That's a problem, especially for Customers who are paying Consulting Partners hundreds of thousands (or millions) of dollars to implement Salesforce.

The program was designed during a period of hypergrowth in Salesforce, and the priority was helping customers implement for the very first time.

But now, it's about helping Customers optimize what they have. Buy into more products, establish more complex instances, engaging with Partners on an on-going basis.

The focus needs to be enabling these companies to be self-sufficient instead of relying on external Partners forever.

Case in point:

FoundHQ manages a global network of 3,500+ Certified Salesforce Consultants… and Salesforce doesn't know a thing about us.


Our Certified Consultants don't work as W2 employees.

That measn that their Certifications don't count toward "Partner Status".

And that means we aren't a Certified Partner.

Despite having THOUSANDS of top Consultants, we have no "status". And Salesforce AEs introduce you to Partners based on 'Partner Score'.

Let's get into specific examples:

👉 If a Salesforce Customer needs a Senior CPQ Architect to design or re-implement a troubled instance, they get referred to a Partner.

This partner will charge them over $300 per hour for utilizing their Architect when engaging with a Fractional Architect are just as good (at a fraction of the hourly rate).

👉 If a Customer needs part-time Salesforce Consultants for ongoing strategy, support, and configuration; they get referred to a Partner.

The case for FoundHQ

FoundHQ Administrators are just as good Admins employed at Consulting firms. In fact, in many cases, they got started at those Consulting Partners.

They work as an embedded member of your team. We don't require a rigid services retainer, and they are a fraction of the hourly rate.

The FoundHQ Network has the exact experience customers need.

• Consultants from Salesforce, Slalom, IBM, Accenture, Deloitte

• Developers from Google, Stripe, Dropbox, DoorDash, PayPal, Workday

• Admins from Okta, Zoom, DocuSign, Miro, Asana, Uber

And yet Salesforce AEs aren't introducing you to FoundHQ.

Why not?

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