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The Power of Data Analytics

The Power of Data Analytics
Max Maeder
The Power of Data Analytics

Data Analytics revolutionized the NBA.

And Rev Ops revolutionized Sales.

NBA players make ~47% of 2-point shots and ~36% of 3-pointers.

After going over the data, they were told to shoot more 3s.

At first, players were resistant. Sound familiar?

To a player, it FEELS like the 2-pointer is a better decision because they convert the shot at a higer rate.

The Power of Data: its ability to reveal insights that seem counterintuitive.

Exhibit A:

👉 Shoot 10 2-point attempts. Make 4 of them. 8 points.
👉 Shoot 10 3-point attempts. Make 3 of them. 9 points.

It becomes obvious when you look at the data.

And this is why there has been a 91% increase in 3-point attempts over the last 20 years.

This is the exact same purpose Revenue Operations serves today.

👉 A Rep focuses on low-value deals, converting at a high percentage.
👉 Instead of driving Enterprise deals that convert at a fraction of the rate.

It’s a basic example of a data-centric approach to Sales.
Gone are the days of gut feel and intuition.
Data never lies.

Most organizations and Sales Reps have embraced this reality.

BUT here’s the problem.

Accessing statistics from an NBA game is easy.
It’s literally just watching and counting.

Accessing Sales Analytics is much more complicated.

On behalf of Rev Ops Leaders everywhere…

Execs: Give your Rev Ops team the tools they need to succeed
Reps: Please enter the data.

It will pay off in the end!

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