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Showing the Value of Salesforce

Showing the Value of Salesforce
Max Maeder
You need to show Execs the value of investing in Salesforce. And there is no better way to do it than with DATA. For example, investing in GTM Tech will reduce Deal Desk expenses by 7-figures. Here's how.
Showing the Value of Salesforce

Did you know that Braze has a total of 14 Deal Desk Analysts supporting a Sales org with 585 Reps?

Meanwhile, Samsara has a Sales team of 1,000+ supported by only 8 Deal Desk Analysts.

How is this possible?

It all comes down to GTM Systems Enablement and the operational efficiencies a business can realize from investing in the Revenue stack. Deal Desk is undeniably one of those functions that can be operationalized with proper process adoption and systems implementation.

And Business Systems Leaders that are trying to justify budget for additional Salesforce headcount should highlight exactly how this kind of technology adoption can lead to decreased costs (i.e. Deal Desk headcount) or increased revenue via GTM insights.

Start with the data. It speaks for itself.

Then, educate your Executives about what goes into making those changes in Salesforce - how long it takes, who does it?

And demonstrate the roadmap of additional changes you have in mind to drive similar impact, highlighting the additional Salesforce / Business Systems hires you would need to make it possible.

We can't simply expect non-technical Executives to just 'get it' and blindly buy-in to the value of increased spend on Salesforce and GTM Systems. It requires a strategic Leader to really show the impact of their team's work and provide concrete examples of how incremental spend would deliver similar efficiencies.

When put in the terms of 'how we can deliver more revenue with less', you're speaking the language every Exec is focused on in 2023.

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