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Salesforce Teams are Becoming Product Orgs

Salesforce Teams are Becoming Product Orgs
Max Maeder
You need to transform how your Salesforce team operates. Move away from a model with BSAs serving stakeholders. Become a true Product org. This is how to do it.
Salesforce Teams are Becoming Product Orgs

We believe Salesforce teams get a bad wrap. Stereotyped as wanting to control decisions but not understanding the business.

The reality is that your Technology team should control decisions about the Technology roadmap.

It's the only way to build a cohesive product roadmap and establish a high-performing Internal Tools strategy.

Internal Salesforce teams are getting smarter

In the early days of Salesforce,

Proactively Advising Stakeholders

And they are starting to operate more like a core Product Dev team.

Stakeholders & Users provide the insights and pain points.

They don’t make decisions on Technology strategy.

For a Salesforce team to function properly, they MUST be in charge.

They build the roadmap.

They set priorities and project timelines.

They enable (but don’t serve) the business.

Companies that understand this is the way to structure an Internal Tools team see profound return on that investment.

The ones that allow Executive stakeholders in the business to control Technology strategy struggle forever.

Prioritizing Dev Ops

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