GTM Systems vs Revenue Operations Headcount: The Right Ratios

GTM Systems vs Revenue Operations Headcount: The Right Ratios
Max Maeder
The ratio of GTM Systems to Rev Ops headcount in leading SaaS orgs, featuring Gong, Seismic, 6sense, Salesloft, and others.
GTM Systems vs Revenue Operations Headcount: The Right Ratios

How big should your GTM Systems team be to support Rev Ops?

We take a look at how various SaaS companies are approaching these hiring decisions.

While there is no one-size-fits-all approach, you can learn a lot by looking at high-performing companies, operating in the same market, with Go-to-Market teams of roughly the same size, and a similar Saled-led approach to customer acquisition.

These 4 Sales Automation, SaaS vendors have Sales teams of roughly the same size:

  • Seismic: 513 in Sales & BD (34.5% of total headcount)
  • Gong: 525 in Sales & BD (35.5% of total)
  • Salesloft: 425 in Sales & BD (41.5% of total)
  • 6sense: 353 in Sales & BD (27% of total)
  • Clari: 216 in Sales & BD (27.5% of total)

Interestingly, we see some big variations in how they have resourced the Revenue Operations and GTM Systems teams.

A few takeaways:

👉 Gong has the largest Rev Ops team but fewest in GTM Systems

👉 72% of the largest GTM Systems team (6sense) is based offshore

👉 3/7 on Gong’s GTM Systems team are Management and only 1/8 at Salesloft

The entire purpose of GTM Systems is to enable the Rev Ops and GTM functions, creating greater visibility and efficiency across those teams, with the goal of increasing output.

For that reason, a look at the composition of an org like Gong's (525 Sellers, 26 in Rev Ops, and 7 in GTM Systems) may feel a bit lopsided.

However, the team skews heavily toward Product Owners and Business Analysts, two functions that allow the GTM Systems team to be a proactive Advisor to the business, recommending enhancements and building a CRM roadmap to scale into and deliver against. A lone Salesforce Administrator and no Developers on staff may slow in the actual delivery and execution, though.

The ratios at Seismic, Salesloft, and 6sense feel most effective.

In addition to a roughy equal headcount investment between GTM Systems and Revenue Operations, these Salesforce teams are well balanced with Leaders to drive product strategy, Business Analysts bridging the Business <> Technology divide, and Administrators / Developers on staff to spearhead the build.

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