Advance Lifts, an Illinois-based maker of industrial lift machinery, has sued Oracle, its IT implementation partner Folio3, and its finance partner Banc of America Leasing & Capital, claiming that the trio breached their contract and committed fraud by delivering a NetSuite system that lacked promised features.

The complaint, filed in a US federal district court in northern California, describes how in 2019, Advance Lifts decided to upgrade its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and its Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) software.For two decades, the lift biz had used an MRP system called Forth Shift to access market information about raw materials, in order to provide product price quotes to customers. But the company wanted to integrate the CRM and MRP systems it used to manage its pricing, business, and manufacturing processes.

In an October 4, 2019 meeting, the complaint alleges, sales reps from Oracle and Folio3 convinced executives from Advance Lifts that Oracle's NetSuite would meet their needs.

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