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September 22, 2021

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We’re looking to hire a consulting developer to help our customers deploy and extend DayBack Calendar for Salesforce. Consulting developers mix technical proficiency with empathy, creative problem solving, and an easy rapport with customers. Skills include consulting, technical writing, Salesforce administration, Salesforce development, and JavaScript development.

The Salesforce Work

SeedCode is a Salesforce ISV and we provide a lot of support to our customers as they deploy our flagship app, DayBack Calendar. You’ll be emailing and screen-sharing with customers to help them map the calendar to the fields and objects in their organization. And you’ll be extending calendar actions in JavaScript to help customers customize calendar behaviors to match their workflow. You’re not afraid to call or video chat with customers and have them ask questions you can’t answer right away (you’ll have our team to help you). And ideally, you have some customer-facing experience; working on a software help desk, in IT support, or consulting on your own. You’ll be writing a lot of emails telling customers how to modify our app, so you’re a fluid and confident writer. You’ll also be augmenting our documentation so it would be a plus if you’ve done some technical writing before, writing FAQs or blog posts. And if you want to increase your profile in the Salesforce ecosystem, we’ll encourage you to blog about your work. The position is a true mix of support and development: there’s a lot of listening to what customers are looking for and suggesting solutions–many of which are well documented so customers can deploy them on their own. And there is a fair amount of coding; working in a customer’s org to build formula fields or triggers, or customizing DayBack’s custom actions in JavaScript to get customers the behaviors they need.

What’s the balance between Salesforce Admin and Developer? It’s mostly the work of a very skilled Salesforce Admin, but there are a number of things we do occasionally that are best done in Apex. For example, you might set related data to fields when using a formula field is not possible. We also sometimes write Apex to look for conflicts between records (e.g. same resource at the same time) or for checking the capacity for a resource and throwing a custom error if the capacity will be exceeded.

Are you looking for a certified Salesforce Admin? Not necessarily, though folks who are good at this kind of work have likely pursued certification. You should be able to make new objects and fields in a customer’s org and create relationships, triggers, and test classes. You should be able to write SOQL queries, including those that traverse junction tables. Our product doesn’t have any custom objects of its own, so a lot of the work is helping customers map the calendar’s requirements to their existing object model.

Are you looking for an experienced JavaScript developer? Yes. You definitely need more experience with Salesforce than with JavaScript since you’ll usually be customizing existing JavaScript actions instead of writing JS from scratch. But you need to know how to write and debug JS–more JavaScript experience will move you towards the top of our salary range. You should be able to look at some of the custom action examples here and feel confident changing them; extending any SOQL queries in them, adding some error trapping, or looping through the JSON to format results.

How to apply

We'll want to see your resume and work samples (below).

Samples of your work

Salesforce / JavaScript – We’d love to see some of your work, your side project, or whatever best represents where you’re at with JS and Salesforce. It can sometimes be hard to show examples of your Salesforce work so descriptions or screenshots can work. If all your work was done for your employer and you can’t share any of it, we understand and can talk about that work during your interview. Writing – Communication (and empathy) are the keys to building great software. So we want to know that you can write well. If you’re blogging, just send us a recent post you like or a video from a talk you’ve given. Otherwise, please send us a paragraph or two about some issue on which you’ve picked a side. This doesn’t have to be something you’re passionate about and it needn’t be political. It could even be a coding issue or some mundane item you’ve changed your mind about. We find that we’re often laying out the pros and cons of competing approaches to our customers or team members, so we’d like your writing sample to do that for us: pick any topic you’d like, and help us decide between two options.

Hiring process

1. Send us an email with your resume, work, and writing sample described above. 2. Phone call with the CEO: non-technical, getting to know each other and seeing if this could be a fit. 3. Video chat with the CEO and members of the team, talking about your experiences, and everyone’s goals. Some of the discussions will be technical, but no coding. 4. Take-home coding challenge to extend two JavaScript actions in DayBack (including SOQL) and add a trigger in Salesforce. Questions highly encouraged. 5. Video chat to discuss the challenge. Call references and do a background check. 6. Offer extended. 7. Join the DayBack team.

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