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May 6, 2021

Sr. Salesforce Engineer

GitHub is looking for a full-time Senior Software Engineer, expert in the salesforce technology stack to join our Business Systems team to help expand and maintain our implementation and its ecosystem.

The Role

The primary focus of your role will be to help design and implement solutions in our Salesforce org that support our Salesforce users. As a senior member of our engineering team, in addition to your project-based responsibilities, you will be expected to design elegant solutions to business problems, establish and refine our best practices, enhance and maintain our existing CI/CD processes, and mentor junior engineers.

You'll Collaborate with our internal business partners to understand their needs and to find opportunities to increase their productivity by streamlining and automating their business processes.

You should have a strong understanding of Salesforce development best practices and should be equally comfortable delivering solutions declaratively and in Apex. You should be familiar with Apex governor limits and have experience optimizing code and resolving performance problems. You take pride in writing high quality, well-tested code, and aren’t afraid of challenging projects.


  • Collaborate with our internal business partners to understand needs and deliver scalable solutions
  • Facilitate integrations between Salesforce and other systems.
  • Design and implement new features in Apex and Lightning
  • Identify and resolve performance problems in our existing codebase
  • Contribute to our custom CI/CD workflow built on GitHub Actions
  • Establish and document best practices around Apex coding
  • Remove performance bottlenecks

Technical Requirements

  • 5+ years of Apex programming experience
  • 3+ years experience programming in another object oriented language (Java, C++, C#, etc.)
  • Bash/shell scripting experience
  • Solid understanding of OO design patterns
  • Experience with CI/CD platforms
  • 3+ years Javascript experience
  • Solid understanding of Apex triggers and trigger frameworks and their potential impact on governor limits
  • Experience debugging and optimizing Apex code
  • Aura/Lightning development experience
  • Salesforce administration and declarative programming (workflows, process builder, etc.) experience
  • Deep understanding of Salesforce Sales Cloud data model and typical sales processes
  • Experience in using version control environments like Github, Bitbucket or Gitlab

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