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Integration Tutorials

How to integrate Salesforce with other apps

All Salesforce app integrations are different. Some are as simple as having an Administrator activate the app and others require more complex integrations / data syncs or the use of separate middleware platforms.

We consolidated an Overview of Salesforce Integration Guides for easy reference. Sort by App Category to browse the tutorials or contact a Salesforce Expert that can help integrate the system for you.

3rd Party Apps

Find Apps to Integrate with Salesforce

The Salesforce AppExchange is one of the largest B2B App Marketplaces, offering access to 4,000+ apps you can integrate with Salesforce.

We put together a Guide to the AppExchange: How Companies use it, Types of Apps on it, and How to Integrate with it.

Integration Platforms

The Best Salesforce Integration Tools

Maybe you already know which applications or tools you want to integrate with Salesforce and it's time to select the right middleware tool to actually connect the systems. Here are some resources to find the right Salesforce integration / middleware platform:

Overview of Middleware Technologies (By MuleSoft)

What is Middleware? (By Talend)

Top Salesforce Middleware Integration Tools (By AppShark)

The Ultimate Guide to Salesforce Integration

Hiring Salesforce Integration Experts

Resource Planning

How do I hire Salesforce Experts for my instance?

We wrote a Guide on Selecting a Salesforce Partner vs. Independent Consultant and When to Hire Salesforce Contractors vs. Employees as a starting point.

Resource Planning

How much does a Salesforce Consultant Cost?

The size and complexity of your instance are both major factors when determining the type of Salesforce project team you need.
We compiled a quick overview of Typical Salesforce Consultant Hourly Rates to make sure you don't overpay.


Accessing a Network of 650+ Salesforce Consultants

FoundHQ is a Salesforce Freelancer Marketplace. This means we offer direct access to the largest pool of Independent Salesforce Consultants available for both part-time & full-time project engagements.

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Most of our Salesforce Consultants are full-time Freelancers but we have a growing network of Independent Consultants that work projects part-time while maintaining a full-time job.
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