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Types of Projects

We are designed with flexibility in mind and offer Salesforce Customers a way to move quickly.
Full-time Projects
These are typically dedicated engagements with a Salesforce Consultant or team of Consultants delivering an end-to-end implementation or full system audit and re-design of an existing Salesforce instance.
Part-time Projects
For Customers that want to leverage a Salesforce Consultant as an extension of their team and work with the same individual on an ongoing basis. These engagements range from 10-25 hours per week.
Ad Hoc Projects
Best suited for small Customers that don't have a clear slate of requirements but need an extra set of hands to work on Salesforce projects as they come up periodically.

Understand what's possible.

Our Salesforce Consultants make sure you know the full capabilities of the platform and maximize the investment.

Robust APIs

Build a scalable architecture framework with APIs and loosely-coupled applications to unlock data from ERP, OMS, and databases.

Real-Time Visibility

Streamlined business insights through customizable reports & dashboards and the ability to securely access data cross-platform.

Data Protection

Implement security into APIs as you scale, setting up advanced protocols and access controls to protect critical APIs.

Transform ESB Architecture

Implement ESB architecture as a key layer to SOA, combining the power of data and integrations across legacy and SaaS applications.

Integration Marketplace

Deliver with speed by accessing hundreds of reusable connectors, integration templates, and API designs for Salesforce, Oracle, Workday, and others.

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