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ZoomInfo’s revenue operating system, RevOS, empowers business-to-business sales, marketing, operations, and recruiting professionals to hit their number by pairing best-in-class technology with unrivaled data coverage, accuracy, and depth of company and contact information.

With integrations embedded into workflows and technology stacks, including the leading CRM, Sales Engagement, Marketing Automation, and Talent Management applications, ZoomInfo drives more predictable, accelerated, and sustainable growth for its customers.

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Vancouver, WA





When 37% of your entire organization sits in Sales, you better believe that Enablement becomes a core discipline and competency across the company.

A central piece to that Sales Enablement strategy is the wide adoption of platforms like Salesforce to create efficiency, streamline deal flow, an enhance cross-functional collaboration. This includes invest on both the Operations side, primarily Rev Ops, and on the GTM Systems side, typically Salesforce.

How the Rev Ops team looks in a sales-driven org

In the case of Zoominfo, what does it take to support the strategy and ongoing operations of a 1,400+ person Sales team?

Here's a quick look at how Revenue Operations breaks down:

  • Sr. Director, Rev Ops
  • (2) Director, Rev Ops
  • (3) Sr. Manager, Rev Ops
  • Director of GTM Revenue Operations
  • (8) Revenue Operations Manager
  • (6) Sales Ops Analyst

I can hear you thinking, "8 Revenue Operations Managers?! What are they all doing?"

The frontline Rev Ops group is pretty well distributed actually with individuals focused specifically on areas including:

  • Rev Ops for Go-to-Market teams (the standard)
  • Rev Ops for Channel Partners
  • Rev Ops liaison to the GTM Systems / Biz Tech teams
  • Rev Ops for post-sale engagement, on-boarding

And this brings us to the internal Salesforce team. A group building a multi-Cloud technology environment that supports nearly 2,000 FTEs internally.

Keep in mind this is an organization whose core product is a vital integration to Revenue Systems and a key tool for GTM teams. So, you'd expect that Internal Tools teams are held in high regard, an investment that needs no justification and it seen as an accelerant for growth rather than a cost center. And you'd be correct.

Salesforce Team Breakdown at Zoominfo

This group has a lean, highly effective leadership structure centralized under a single VP of Enterprise Technology, Balaji.

While he has lieutenants over top of each core application, the core GTM Systems Leaders have a clear line of responsibility and ownership across the team.

  • VP of Enterprise Technology
  • Sr. Director, GTM Systems
  • Sr. Manager, Business Technology (Salesforce/Revenue Systems)
  • Director, Business Technology (QTC, CPQ)

This group is supported by a global frontline Salesforce organization:

  • (5) Salesforce Administrators
  • †(16) Salesforce Developers
  • (1) Salesforce Business Analyst
  • (4) Salesforce Product Owners

† It's worth noting that over 50% of the Salesforce Development team at Zoominfo is comprised of 
Offshore Salesforce Engineers. We love to see it! Your entire Salesforce team is already working remotely, scattered throughout the United States, and the single best way to capitalize on the best talent available in the market is to go where they are.

Perhaps one surprise from looking at the composition of this team is how lean the Salesforce Admin group is while supporting an org at this scale.

5 Salesforce Administrators for a user base of 2,000+ is rare.

As highlighted earlier, a company with GTM and Revenue Systems in their DNA has built-in advantages that compound over time. In this case, it may just be an understanding and emphasis on Salesforce from the start. By prioritizing adoption and enablement early on, a company can bake it into their sales culture and processes in a way that maximizes utilization of the tools to the full extent, creates an enthusiasm around enablement opportunities, and alleviates pressures between Business and Technology teams.

In regimented sales organizations like that of Zoominfo, as long as there is clear structure with well documented processes on how to leverage the tools available, there is less need for an army of Support Administrators.

Instead, that headcount allocation can go towards Salesforce Engineers, providing the company with even more opportunity to build complex automations on the platform, extending the features available to internal users, and further driving ROI on the Revenue Systems spend.

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