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Workday delivers financial management, human capital management, and analytics applications designed for the world’s largest companies, educational institutions, and government agencies.

Company Details

Pleasanton, CA




15,000+ employees

Salesforce Developers

Workday has one of the largest internal Salesforce teams with a total of 75 people, roughly 33% of whom were hired in 2021.

The group include a total of 46 Salesforce Developers and an average tenure of <2 years across the broader Salesforce group.

While some of these 2021 additions are growth hires, there is a normal degree of turnover on an annual basis at this scale, which can be extremely disruptive to Project and Support teams. It takes real organizational maturity to on-board and ramp 30% of an entire team and still maintain a fluid delivery process, so props to the structure and methodology in place at Workday to be able to achieve it.

Open headcount spans Salesforce Developers, Release, Engineers, Salesforce Technical Architects, and Business Systems Analysts - meaning, they are growing what is already a 75 person org across virtually every discipline.

The way this organization operations is fairly typical for a company at this scale.

Salesforce Administrators are primarily 'reactive', responding to inbound requests and tickets, helping to gather requirements, and primarily focused on hands-on build.

The Salesforce Product Owners drive the roadmap direction, typically assigned to 1-2 specific stakeholders to become deeply embedded in their organization in order to identify high impact projects and feature builds.

The Business Analysts will then get assigned on a per project basis under the guidance of a Product Owner - we often see this role serve as the 'waiting room' for a Product Owner promotion. Business Analysts drive business process review, requirements gathering, and documentation but contribute less frequently to strategic decision making. It's a good role to develop process rigor around Salesforce planning before moving into a more strategic function.

Companies with this level of investment in their internal Salesforce team can also find additional points of leverage. For example, in your typical Salesforce org, Administrators are responsible for ad hoc user & stakeholder requests related to reporting and dashboards. This can be an extremely time consuming activity, disruptive to core project work in flight. Hiring a dedicated Salesforce Reporting Trainer, which Workday has on the team as of September 2021, you are unlocking significant capacity from your Salesforce Admins in a way that compounds. (Teach your users to leverage Salesforce rather than investing Admin hours continuously responding to those needs.)

You also tend to find more specialized disciplines devoted to certain product areas within the broader Salesforce organization - at Workday, you find multiple dedicated CPQ Engineers given the scale and complexity of this Apttus CPQ instance; a number of Salesforce Developers focused on Lightning / front-end; and a big investment in QA Engineers / Testers to streamline the development process and maximize output of the Engineering team.

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