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Using its award-winning suite of project management tools, hundreds of thousands of registered Procore users manage all types of construction projects including industrial plants, office buildings, apartment complexes, university facilities, retail centers, and more. Every day, we speak to construction firms still heavily relying on paper-based documentation, email chains, and spreadsheets to manage their projects.

Procore's goal is to help construction professionals increase their project success by simplifying project management with powerful collaborative software. Procore helps firms drastically increase project efficiency and accountability by streamlining and mobilizing project communications and documentation. This real time data and accessibility minimizes costly risks and delays—ultimately boosting profits.

Company Details

Carpinteria, CA




3,700+ employees

A quick look at the Business Systems team at Procore will help answer the question, "What does a centralized Business Systems org look like and how should I implement it?"

Every organization reaches a point where they need to move from a siloed Internal Tools model toward a centralized model, essentially standing up a single team charged with strategizing, executing, and supporting the company's entire Enterprise Application portfolio strategy.

Eventually, this leads to a full blown Salesforce Center of Excellence, typically found in larger, multinational corporations with tends of thousands of employees. The step before that scale is exactly what you'll find at Procore but they are well on their way to establishing a world-class team capable of developing the operational excellence necessary to win.

A look at the Leadership structure at Procore

Sitting within the CIO's organization, the core Business Systems Leadership team is a group of 7.

  • VP of Enterprise Applications
  • Sr. Director, Finance & Legal Tech
  • Director, HR Business Systems
  • Sr. Director, Enterprise Applications
  • (2) Sr. Manager, Revenue Systems
  • Sr. Director, IT Engineering Ops

One of the first things that jumps out is the quality of coverage they have across each category of applications in the portfolio. While the individual teams under these leaders are at varying stages of maturity, most are mid-sized, growing organizations that are incredibly well prepared for scalability given the strength and structure of this leadership group.

In 2021, Procore had revenues of $515m and Q3’22 revenue ($186m) showed 41% growth YOY, so this is a 3,000+ person Enterprise still experiencing huge growth.

Team & Tools Managed by each Leader

At the top of the org is the VP of Enterprise Applications, supported by a leadership layer capable of driving forward everything within their respective group.

Sr. Director, Finance & Legal Tech

Tools: Zuora, Avalara, NetSuite, Concur, Coupa

Team: 2 Finance Systems Managers; 1 Architect; 2 Finance Systems Analysts; 1 ERP Integration Specialist

Director, HR Business Systems

Tools: Workday

Team: Manager of Talent Tech; 3 Workday Business Analysts; 1 Workday Architect

Sr. Director, Enterprise Applications

Tools: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Salesforce CPQ

Team: 2 Salesforce Architects; 6 Onshore Salesforce Developers; 6+ Offshore Salesforce Developers

(2) Sr. Manager, Revenue Systems

Team: 3 Salesforce Administrators; 8 Business Analysts

Sr. Director, IT Engineering Ops


This is an organization that has had a clear champion for Internal Tools investment from the earliest days. The kind of proactive investment - not just in tools spend but in the resourcing required to maximize ROI on those tools - is what prevents organizations from needing to undergo massive, disruptive digital transformation projects when they reach scale.

The team, application portfolio, and overall strategy in place at Procore not only delivers dividends in the day-to-day operational efficiency created, but also in how it compounds as the company expands. It's an excellent model for any mid-market organization evaluating how to build this type of internal competency.