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HQ Location
San Jose, CA
YOY Headcount Growth
Sales Team
1,877 (29% of total)
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An org at this scale and still growing headcount 75% YOY makes keeping up with the Internal Tools hiring demands a huge challenge. It requires forward looking resource planning in order to get out in front and enable the company to drive proactive project work rather than reactively responding to inbound needs.

Overall, Zoom has a well-structured Enterprise Applications team with designated functions focused on the primary applications - Sales Cloud (CRM), Zendesk (Support), and Netsuite / Zuora (Billing).

A unified Head of Business Applications sits over a team of dedicated Product Owners (at the Manager or Sr. Manager level), who drive strategy for their respective application teams. The layer beneath each of these Product Owners is cross-functional & well resourced with a total of 8 Salesforce Developers, 2 dedicated QAs and a Release Manager that pair with the 2 Salesforce Architects in the org, who command project-based platform strategy, design, and integration architecture.

Zoom has the ideal combination of Salesforce Business Analysts vs. Administrators - the latter being focused more on day-to-day oversight and support of their 1,200+ user base while the 9 Business Analyst (split across Salesforce and Finance Systems) can work in a more proactive capacity, partnering with stakeholders to identify business process improvements and begin scoping out potential projects.

Total Org Size = 39 FTEs

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