Top 7 Sales Intelligence Apps on AppExchange

Highlighting the top Sales Intelligence apps available on the Salesforce AppExchange, specifically focused on prospect identification & data enrichment.

April 12, 2022

What is a Sales Intelligence tool?

There is a growing ecosystem of Sales Intelligence and Sales Automation platforms to help Reps in every stage of their process - from prospect & lead identification, through lead enrichment with insights / contact information, e-mail outreach automation platforms, and analytics tools to direct efforts toward high value, engaged prospects.

The right platforms will depend on a variety of factors, including your sales process, the sophisticated of your Marketing Automation efforts, cost of your product, current technology stack etc. Regardless of which tools you leverage, properly integrating them is a key piece of maintaining data quality and ensuring Reps can execute a clean end-to-end process.

At the end of the day, it's about delivering automated sales intelligence to your Reps.

A quick breakdown of the top Sales Intelligence Apps on the AppExchange

When it comes to prospect identification & lead enrichment for companies currently using Sales Cloud, these are the best options available:

Zoominfo (292 total ratings on AppExchange)

At a listing price of $14,995 per company per year, Zoominfo carries a hefty price tag. However, it offers Sales users a simple tool to generate prospect lists across an enormous customer base, ability to view departments broken down by org chart, generate purchase intent data etc.

SFDC AppExchange Tools Reviews: 4.5 Rating on 347 Reviews

OrgChartPlus (95 total ratings on AppExchange)

Starting pricing lists $350 per user per month and is built 100% native to the Salesforce platform. The company behind OrgChartPlus is SalesMethods, based out of the UK, who features 2 other products for sales data and prospecting.

SFDC AppExchange Tools Reviews: 5 Rating on 98 Reviews

D&B Hoovers (13 ratings on AppExchange)

Dun & Bradstreet is a commercial data and analytics firm that has been around since the 19050s. Their data collection techniques power Hoovers - a tool designed for B2B Sales Reps and offering leads with in-depth company profiles and information, real-time triggers, an end-to-end B2B sales intelligence tool.

SFDC AppExchange Tools Reviews: 4 Rating on 13 Reviews

InsideView (246 ratings on AppExchange)

Now owned by Demandbase, InsideView has been a leader in B2B data intelligence for the past decade. Their pricing is broken into separate categories for Customer Data Management (primarily lead & data enrichment), Market Segmentation & Planning (comprehensive prospect list building for Sales & Marketing), and Sales Acceleration (access 100m+ people, sales alerts etc).

SFDC AppExchange Tools Reviews: 4.5 Rating on 246 Reviews

Clearbit (36 ratings on AppExchange)

Similar to Zoominfo, Clearbit comes at a steep cost and typically started around $18,000 per company per year. It's stated that Clearbit's data is sourced from 250 public and private sources and verified for accuracy with an email deliverability rate of 94%.

Clearbit has one of the best integrations to Salesforce with Clearbit Prospector directly in-platform.

Ebsta (92 ratings on AppExchange)

Starting at $30/month, Ebsta is a bit of crossover between Sales Intelligence and Sales Automation, since they do offer e-mail outreach features as well as the core lead research & prospect identification.

The primary advantage with Ebsta is their LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration. Reps can view Salesforce contact data & activity history while on a contact's LinkedIn profile, enabling more targeted and informed outreach.

SFDC AppExchange Tools Reviews: 4.5 Rating on 32 Reviews

Lusha for Salesforce (22 ratings on AppExchange)

Transparent pricing plans from Lusha give them our vote with tiers that range from Free (Starter) to $199/month (Premium), which provides verified contact information for 5 people and 300 people per month, respectively.

This is a tool built particularly well for SDRs or Inside Sales teams leveraging LinkedIn for prospect research and targeted outreach. Lusha's Chrome Extension provides access to full contact information in single-click along with a direct Salesforce integration.

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