Tableau Relaunches Partner Network to help Customers Accelerate Data Transformations

Tableau, now owned by Salesforce and operating as Analytics Cloud, announced a relaunch of their Partner Network to facilitate data transformations in enterprise orgs.

October 22, 2021

The New Tableau Partner Network for help with Data Transformations

Tableau was acquired by Salesforce in August 2019 to the tune of $15.7B. While the acquisition came at a cost, Tableau was one of the more mature businesses Salesforce has acquired both in terms of product complexity and market traction.

Since Tableau had already achieved status as a leading analytics platform, Salesforce combined product roadmaps but left elements of the business operating independently, still maintaining it's own brand, go-to-market strategy, and Professional Services network.

Salesforce is known to be particularly hands-off when it comes to delivering Professional Services to their customer base, accounting for only 6% of total revenue in FY'21 compared to 18%-20% for vendors like Workday, Zuora, nCino, and others.

What is the Tableau Partner Network?

Launched in September 2020, the Tableau Partner Network (TPN) is a global ecosystem of 1,200+ services organizations specialized in implementing, customizing, and supporting the platform.

There are 3 types of Tableau Partners:

Tableau Resellers

Resellers will help identify new customers that could benefit from Tableau and help architect and implement the solution for the first time.

Tableau Services Partners

Services focused Tableau Partners will help existing Tableau customers optimize the current instance, train users, improve integrations, and maximize the current value of the platform.

Tableau Technology Partners

These Technology Partners help large organizations build an application ecosystem around the existing Tableau platform, identifying solutions to integrate that will enhance the value and create a deeper data strategy across the organization.

The new Partner Network provides a clear framework for how customers can engage with third-party service providers on their Tableau and data transformation journey.

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