Salesforce investment in AI/AR is paying off for Visual Remote Assistance

Salesforce is partnered with TechSee, an AI/AR vendor out of Tel Aviv, to power the core Visual Remote Assistance technology in Service Cloud and Field Service

June 22, 2021

Salesforce Visual Remote Assistance is powered by AI/Augment Reality vendor, TechSee

A 100-person startup headquartered out of Tel Aviv provides the core technology running Salesforce Visual Remote Assistance within Service Cloud and Field Service.

The company is TechSee - a visual assistance platform powered by AI and Augmented Reality.

On average, field service technicians spend 40% of their time idle and 38% say they can't access all of the information needed to close a case on the first visit.

A true Field Service Video AI platform flips the entire dynamic of this space and enables remote support on complex issues for the first time.

TechSee AI can recognize devices and use Augment Reality to create user guides

Today, TechSee announced a platform that teaches itself to recognize thousands of hardware products, models, parts, and components, which it can use to provide end users with step-by-step visual guidance via an augmented reality (AR) layer 🤯

There are huge implications this has on the efficiency and effectiveness of Field Service and Salesforce Ventures has participated in all 3 Rounds of funding for TechSee, including their October 2020 Series C ($30m).

Salesforce Ventures investments lead to Salesforce acquisitions

Keep a close eye on this partnership.

It's common for Salesforce Ventures to identify opportunities and make strategic investments in emerging markets, which can often lead to partnerships with Salesforce (as was the case with Tanium), and eventual acquisitions if there is cohesion with the core Salesforce product roadmap.

Evaluating TechSee via a partnership is the surest way for Salesforce to identify the value of this feature set and determine if they should build native AI functionality within Field Service or pursue an acquisition.

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